Solid Fuel Stove: Wood Burning Stoves

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There are multiple wood burning stoves and solid fuel stoves the market, and you are are choosing one, selecting the right one for your setting among the many models can be a daunting task. A solid fuels or wood stove will not only provide savings on your heating bills, but if installed correctly and safely will be an efficient source of heat over the winter months.

Once your stove is purchased and installed you will want to contact your building department to ascertain that all of their requirements are met for safety and installation before you begin to utilize your new wood stove.

Once you’ve bought and installed a wood stove, notify your local building department to conduct a final inspection to ensure that all safety requirements are met before you use the stove.

Buying The Right Stove

To purchase the proper stove for the job, you will need to take into consideration what tasks need to be accomplished, how much room it has to heat as well as how often that the stove is going to be used.

Will it be the primary heat source in the home?

Will young children and pets be present that will need to be protected from the stove and how will you accomplish that feat?

Would a pellet stove serve your purposes better than an actual wood stove?

The area to be heated is going to make the determination of the stove that you purchase. Any stove that is not large enough will not supply the heat that you need and will work harder to heat what it does take care of. One that is too large will overheat the area and perhaps lower the air supply to your stove well lowering its efficiency.

Time to Buy

One of the most intelligent things you can do is to visit with a stove dealer, or speak with a friend who has heated with wood for several years. This will make the purchase of a wood stove less difficult and frustrating for you and make sure that you get the stove that you want.

Make sure that when you speak with a dealer or marketer, you compare different models from various manufacturers, and don’t rely on just one carrier.

Check out ratings with customers who have the kind of stove you are considering or go to a consumer reporting agency to make sure the claims of the dealer regarding the stove you want are realistic.

Check with the dealer about what is the optimum place in your home to put the stove, and decide if that is a feasible location for you.

Are there replacement parts available for this stove, does the dealer repair in home or are there authorized repairmen in your area, so that if there is a problem you are not stuck with trying to send a huge piece of metal through parcel post to get it repaired.

A wood stove can be time and money saving if you select the right stove for the job.

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