DIY Wedding Favors – Satin Rosebuds and Wedding Rice Throwers

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For a smaller wedding , a more intimate party or reception which is going to be for less than fifty people you might find that it will be easier and far less costly if you provide your own decorations and DIY Wedding Favors for the seating.

DIY Wedding Favors: Birdseed Rosebud Favors

The old tradition of throwing rice at weddings has gone the way of some others that were detrimental to the birds and animals, and been preplaced by birdseed filled bags to be thrown at the bride and groom.

These lovely little satin roses are easy to make, and easy to put together and take minimal time. They are excellent with DIY rustic Wedding invitations, and when the wedding is over, the rosebuds can be fitted with a small bit of quilt batting to puff out the rose so it can be kept for a keepsake of the wedding.

We made ours in the wedding colors of pink and black, and made some that were deep burgundy in color. We tied small place cards to the stem of each one, so they could be used first as place cards at the tables, and then with a single flip of the hand, when the reception is over, the bird seed will fly out of the rosebud when the bridal couple leave the reception.

Materials Needed

DIY Wedding Favors

birdseed rose bud crafting materials needed

# Medium Weight Satin

# 18 Guage Covered Stem Wire

# Satin Rose Leaf

# Green Floral Tape

# Thread of Matching Color

# Birdseed


For each rose cut a 4.5 X 5 piece of bias satin, fold in half to form a 4.5X 2.5 piece.

Sew the raw edge with a seam allowance.

(what we did for this step was to sew a tube about three feet long and to cut it abut every 4 and a half inches)

Turn right side out to form a tube.
birdseed rose bud crafting instructions

With needle and thread, sew a gathering stitch at one end of the tube.
Bend one end of a piece of wire to form a hook.

Insert the hook through the gathering end of the of the satin tube and pull thread to gather the fabric around the stem. Wrap thread tightly several times around the gathered fabric, tie and clip thread.

Birdseed Rose Bud Crafting Instructions

Wrap the floral tape at the base of rose bud DIY Wedding Favors and stem.
Stretch the florists tape lightly as you go.

Add leaves and continue to wrap stem until the desired length is reached.
Fill rose with a small amount of birdseed, abut a tablespoon and then twist the tip and tuck it down inside to form a rose bud.