Lighting Consultant: 10 Great Lighting Designs

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What on earth is a lighting consultant you might ask? Well a lighting consultant, also known as a lighting designer is someone who has experience in designing, installing or maintaining outdoor lighting systems.

Lighting Consultant

They are usually employed by large companies such as utility providers or building owners/managers. Their job involves making sure all aspects of an installation work well together so they can be used safely at night without creating any hazards. This includes ensuring there’s enough light where people need to go but not too much which would cause glare or create shadows.

You hire a planner to help you design something that you are not familiar with don’t you. You plan out your new landscaping project? Why not find someone who is knowledgeable about the lighting that you are going to use in your home. Who knows the best tricks to help you accomplish what you need so far as lighting a difficult corner or giving natural light to a home office.

A lighting designer will be able to help you determine where you need more light, where you’d like less, based on your own personal taste, your habits, and your budget. Outside a lighting designer can assist you in choosing the proper way to show your home off to its best advantage while keeping security in mind as well.

When you speak with a lighting designer first, prior to your home remodel, then you will know without doubt the places where you may need new outlets, new fixtures and new work on the electrical system, whereas waiting until the electric has been accomplished will make for a far more extensive and far more expensive conclusion to your project.

If you choose to go the do it yourself route in lighting design, there are some things that you should keep in mind When it comes to designing lighting.

Natural light is always the best light. Use it whenever you can to influence your design. Its far cheaper, and there are some truly stunning and amazing ways you can utilise it to fit into your overall décor.

Take a bit to research the major ways you use lights in your home Task oriented, lighting will put the focus exactly where you want it such as on a work bench in the garage or an island work area in your kitchen.

Consider all the different types of lighting and think about where they might work best in your home, for example if you have an indoor bubbling rock fountain and choose the correct lighting this will cause some beautiful prisms of light to dance across the room, for example if you have an indoor bubbling rock fountain and choose the correct lighting this will cause some beautiful prisms of light to dance across the room. Perhaps you could use more economical lighting such as the colored fluorescent lights in the garage because they not only cost less, but provide better actual light for the work area.

Recessed lighting has made a huge comeback and can be used nearly everywhere in your home, including accent lighting. When designing lighting for your home, use it to accent areas, draw attention away from certain areas and to show your home off in its best light.

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