Garden Shelter: Your 20 Best Options for 2023

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Some form of garden shelter is something everybody should have, and if you don’t then your most definitely missing out. Whether its for keeping your tools dry or sitting outside in the poring rain wrapped up in a blanket with a hot cup of coffee your garden can’t quite be used to its full advantage without one. There are many many different types of shelters that you can construct outdoor space, from the classic shed to an underground bunker.

If your interested in what there is to build in your garden then I highly suggest you read on to learn about all your options for garden shelter as there are plenty . I hope this inspires you to get building and turn your garden into a functional and convenient place.


Sheds can be used as practically anything, from storing gardening furniture to providing an outdoor shelter for your rabbits or guinea pigs for example. They come in various sizes but generally they will need to be at least 4ft wide by 6 ft and usually range up to 10×10 feet. 

Sheds have been around for centuries and were originally made from wood, however nowadays sheds tend to be constructed using metal frames which makes them much more durable than their wooden counterparts. Sheds also provide great protection against windy weather conditions so it’s no surprise that they’re very popular amongst homeowners who live in areas where strong winds occur regularly.

You can also purchase both pre built and flat packed sheds made out of timber, steel or aluminium depending on how big you want yours to be. If you do decide to go down the DIY route then make sure you check local regulations before starting work because some countries require permits to erect certain structures such as sheds.

Sheds can actually be made out of any type of material including brick, concrete, stone, slate, etc. The only thing that really matters when choosing materials is whether or not they’ll withstand the elements well enough to keep your belongings safe over time. For instance, bricks won’t last nearly as long as cement blocks would therefore you’d probably choose those instead.


There can be a lot of different features to a parking garage but there is mostly just three main categories, which are: Attached, detached and breezeway. Garages have been around since the very first ‘car’ was constructed in 1886, after all, you cant leave your wheels parked on the street when its the most expensive (and only) car in the world. Although this would have been a detached garage as keeping a motor vehicle in an attached garage was deemed unsafe at the time, therefor the first attached garage was constructed 22 years later in 1908.

Garages are in the most part single park and also double park on occasion. But, for those with the big bucks you can get a 3 or even 4 car garage and even install an underground basement level garage if you wish.


Unfortunately we don’t all have space for a shed in our small sized gardens therefore you must be very creative with your space and come up with the right solution for you, your garden and storage shelter decision. A few suggests are to consider under bench/seat storage, patio storage shelter, even under step or decking storage, to store your zen garden buddha of course, is possible also small storage spaces meant for bikes or bins are very handy but if you still have too little room in your back garden for even this then its suggested that you utilise any out-front garden space you have and place a small storage unit in this unused space.

Bike Storage

Bike sheds can range in size from 2m x 1m to 5m x 3m and although these dimensions may seem quite large they aren’t particularly difficult to build especially if you use recycled materials like old pallets. Bike sheds should ideally be placed away from trees and other plants due to the risk of damage caused by branches falling onto the roof during heavy storms. You could always buy one of the many prefabricated bike shelters available online or alternatively you could construct your own.


When it comes to kennels there are a few different designs depending on your requirements. If your looking for safe shelter to protect your dog from the elements when their outside chasing squirrels or doing their business then the classic kennel we’ve all seen in cartoons is what you want.

Alternatively if your looking to keep your dog/dogs enclosed somewhere not in the home, most probably to do with the destruction in the home that sometimes comes with mans best friend, the extra cleaning caused by the dog hairs or perhaps you just need a safe place to leave your dog when you go out but don’t want to leave them in a small crate, then the larger and much more insulated version of the kennel is what you need, these include an inside enclosure and an outside enclosure with metal mesh all around, a roof and locked doors.


If you live in a built up area you probably wont realise the problem that birds have to deal with but while there is a hugely increased amount of human homes in smaller and smaller areas this means there are less and less trees and naturally trees are where birds make their homes. This is because from up high they can spot predators and let out a warning call and similarly their eggs are protected from all predators that don’t own a pair of wings.

This is why its important to hang up several birdhouses and especially if you live in a built up area. As well as birds you are also very likely to acquire a family of bats in your birdhouse. For your small modern garden be sure to buy or build ones with the right size holes for small garden birds and bats as larger predator birds will try and fit their beak or claws in to get at the eggs or chicks.

If your interested in building your own birdhouse from scratch then check out this step by step article by clicking here.


A playhouse is basically a miniature house built specifically for children so why not make yours into something special? There’s no limit to how big you can make it either, some people will create huge structures while others prefer smaller versions. Playhouses can be used indoors or outdoors however they’re usually designed to be kept within the confines of the garden rather than being left exposed to weather conditions.

For more in-depth information on children’s playhouses click this link to bring you to an informative article.


Tree houses are great fun for kids and adults alike! They provide a unique experience where you get to climb high above ground level and explore new places. The tree houses are often made using wood planks, rope ladders, wooden beams etc. Some tree houses are simple and basic whereas others are complex and feature multiple levels.

If your kids have been pestering you to build them a tree house but you are aware of the high costs that can be associated with this than look no further! For here is a link that will bring you to an article explaining all about how to construct an entire tree house with recycled and usually free pallet wood.


If you live in a cold climate then having a greenhouse might sound like a good idea as it would allow year round gardening of vegetables without worrying about frosty mornings. However greenhouses can cost thousands of pounds which makes them impractical for most homeowners unless you have a spare £10k lying around. Greenhouses are generally constructed from glass panels and plastic sheeting and are heated through solar energy or gas heating systems.

If your interested in building or buying your own greenhouse then here is a link to an article that will tell you all you could possibly need to know about greenhouses.

Outdoor Offices

An outdoor office is essentially a large shed or garage type structure that has been converted into a workspace. It could even be attached to your property such as a patio extension or conservatory. These types of offices come in various sizes ranging from 10m x 5m upwards depending on your needs. You may find yourself needing one for storing tools, equipment or furniture whilst another is ideal for creating a workshop space. 

In comparison to an indoor office, outdoor offices have a vital benefit which is peace and quite during your workday. Although working from the comfort of your own home has its enjoyable qualities there are also some draw backs, pets, children and  other distractions that are better avoided when trying to concentrate. If you find yourself getting distracted far too frequently then perhaps an outdoor office space is something to consider.


The word sauna means “to sweat” and this is exactly what happens when you take a bath in a hot room. Sauna baths are very popular in Finland because they help relieve stress and improve circulation. A sauna by definition is an enclosed room with heat produced from wood fire and they have been around for centuries where as the new alternative sauna type, infrared saunas, are considerably more modern. A sauna will most definitely add value to your home and add relaxation to your life. 

There are many health benefits to using a sauna and if your considering buying or building your very own sauna, inside or out, then I suggest you read this very informative article on saunas to answer all your sauna questions.

Tiki Bars

Tiki bars were originally created by Polynesian islanders who lived off the land and had little access to modern conveniences such as electricity and running water. These tikis were meant to serve as both homes and work spaces. Today, tiki bars are still found throughout Hawaii and parts of South America. Most tiki bars consist of a bar area surrounded by seating areas.

If tikki bars are of an interest to you then click here to watch an interesting video on how to build your own tiki bar.

Swing Seats

These seats are perfect for those days when you feel like taking a break from sitting at your desk. You simply swing back and forth until you tire yourself out. This type of exercise helps strengthen muscles and improves blood flow. It also reduces tension and anxiety.

Swing seats can technically be placed anywhere in your garden but the favourite place for most people would most definitely be porches, verandas and decks as there tends to be more protection from the elements. Most swing seats whether wooden, metal, pre-built or flat packed usually have a covering of their own which technically could keep you dry if you stayed still but alas! A swing seat swings and who can resist the urge! 

BBQ Huts

BBQ huts are ideal for entertaining friends and family during summertime BBQ parties and we all know there’s nothing worse than a sudden shower of rain during your social gathering and then consequently having to use an umbrella for the rest of the grilling.

They come in various sizes ranging from one-person units to large multi-roomed ones. Many BBQ hut owners use them as additional living space. BBQ huts can consist of rooms like mentioned previously or just a simple canopy and often have built in BBQ’s or pizza ovens. 

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of the home that allows you to cook outside on a barbecue grill with all the comforts of cooking inside. Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly more common due to their convenience and ease of use.

They have a fair few different functions depending on the kitchen type. Imagine having a giant BBQ that could cook any food you could possibly think of all while being outside, well here it is an outdoor kitchen to cook those hot meals under a starry sky.

Outdoor Domes

There are a fair few uses for a dome tent, they can be used as a literal tent where you can camp out and sleep overnight with a full view of the stars, or could simply be the designated chill out zone. Also your dome could serve as an outdoor dining room and the coolest use yet is to utilise this garden dome while there is heavy rain, have full and complete view of your surroundings but not get a single drop of rain on yourself.

Dome tents are usually large enough to accommodate several people comfortably and are easy to set up. Dome tents are typically used for family gatherings, parties, weddings, and other special social gatherings.

Pergola & Bases

A pergola is a covered porch made of wood beams supported by columns. Pergolas provide shade while allowing natural light into the house. They’re great additions to any garden and if you plan on using your pergola for seating then you’ll need something lower than 10 feet tall. On the other hand, if you plan on hanging plants above your pergola then you should go higher than 10 feet. There are two different options when it comes to picking the floor of your pergola, please find information on the bases bellow.


A patio is basically just a big piece of concrete slab. Patios are often built near swimming pools so that guests don’t get dirty after stepping outside. Some patios even include fireplaces and grills. A patio can quite literally be any size and can even cover your entire garden. Patios can be used as foundations for all sorts of other garden structures like sheds for example.


Decks add beauty and value to your property. Decks are especially useful if you live near bodies of water because they give you extra space to relax and entertain guests. Decking comes in different materials such as cedar, composite deck boards, aluminium, steel, etc. The benefits to building a deck are endless; you’ll enjoy spending time outdoors without worrying about getting wet from the grass and you’ll increase the resale value of your home.

Picnic Garden Shelters

Picnics shelters are simply structures built for picnickers and picnic tables. Picnics shelters are available in many shapes and styles for example portable picnic shelters including gazebos, lean-tos, cabanas, yurts, tepees, and others that can create a 8-10 person instant canopy shelter. But if your looking for something a bit more sturdy and permanent then a solid wooden shelter that I would liken to a shed without walls. Some picnic shelters even include fireplaces and can be used as a garage shelter for outdoor party. 


These days bunkers are not only found at military installations but also at private homes. These structures were originally built to withstand artillery attacks. Today’s bunkers serve multiple purposes: they can be used as storage areas, offices, guest rooms, playrooms and more, but lets be honest, if your building a bunker its because of the inevitable apocalypse. 

The depth of bunkers can range from just under ground level to whole stories under ground level. If you feel like you need a bunker then to have one built for you it will cost around $30k-$50k. It depends how deep you want it to go.

Although if this is a little out of your planned budget then there is always the DIY option which will require a lot of patience and not as much money as would be expected. Depending on how much materials you can get recycled and free and depending on if you already have the tools necessary then the lowest price you would pay for a home build bunker would be practically nothing, but if your not so lucky when it comes to materials then it could cost anywhere up to $10k.

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