Cute Gift Bag: Top 3 Holiday Napkin Ideas

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Written By Eva Stock

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We all need a last minute cute gift bag for someone and usually a last minute gift wrap.

A few easy techniques can be used to turn ordinary bags, or white paper bags into gift bags for small to medium gifts that are absolutely lovely and will get as many comments as the gift inside.

These are particularly convenient for odd shaped or hard to wrap gifts.

Cute Gift Bags

Use a hole punch to make two holes in the top of the bag, push a spring of pine through the holes to secure the bag closed and tie with a red ribbon.

Seal the bag closed with stickers or use sealing wax to close it, making some lovely designs in the sealing wax.

fold down a flap about two inches long, and make two slits in it and lace ribbon through it, adding a few decorative berries.

Stitch two buttons onto a bag, that has a folded down flap, one just above and ON the flap and one just below the flap. Use ribbon to twine back and forth between the two buttons to close the bag.

Make two holes in the flap of a bag and lace ribbon through from the back. Tie a pine cone, pine sprigs, artificial berries or small wrapped candies onto the ribbon.

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