Backyard Design Ideas: 4 Pillars of Full Yard Salvation

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When it comes to our backyard design ideas we’re all probably slightly guilty of not utilising them to their full potential but this isn’t our poor yards fault rather we just need some quality inspiration! This in depth guide is meant to inspire you to transform your barren yard into a place of luxury you simply won’t want to leave.

This article has been designed in a way that even if your garden hasn’t been touched in a decade and is currently nothing but a solid block of brambles you will still find the steps to fully clear all of your weedy problems and end up with a satisfyingly clear and flat lawn with no protruding  trees or hedges.

Top Tips Before You Get Stuck In

Before you start on implementing your backyard design ideas, be sure to have read these top tips before  you get stuck in.

The first step in creating a backyard design ideas plan is to determine how much room you have available. If there isn’t enough room for all of your planned features, then you’ll need to scale back some of your plans.

Then you’ll want to make sure you’ve got the necessary equipment to clear your garden depending on what tasks bellow need completing. For weeding you will need either a hand hoe or a spade which should both work well for most jobs. If you are going to use a spade then you may wish to invest in one of the long handled varieties so you don’t damage any plants when digging. Furthermore if you suffer from knee or back issues then it would most definitely be in your best interest to purchase a kneeling mat for gardening.

A good pair of garden gloves are a must in relation to most tasks listed in the ‘get your garden ready’ section of this guide as well as garden waste bags.

The time of day that you choose to tackle your garden tasks also plays a role in the overall outcome of this project. If you work while the sun is at its highest then you will subsequently get tired out quicker and therefore get much less work done than you would of had you worked around these hot hours between 12pm and 3pm.

You might think that nice weather is the best weather for gardening but in fact with nice weather comes dry and therefore hard and solid earth which makes it far more difficult to remove weeds from the ground. If weeding is what your setting out to do then your best option would be to wait for the opportunity of wet soil but no more rain to be expected. 

Get Your Garden Ready

First things first, before you put your backyard design ideas into action, you’ll be wanting to tame your garden and get it back into suitable shape. These steps will explain what needs doing to get from a unruly jungle to a pristine lawn.

Clear Your Yard

Don’t be afraid to get rid of things! If there are any items in your garden which aren’t working for you then they should go or are simply old, broken or dilapidated. It may seem like an awful lot of work at first but once you’ve cleared everything out you’ll feel so much better and clutter free, after all you will need to make room to work and plenty of space for your new backyard additions. Plus decluttering is great for getting a true sense of the space available to you.

Next search the ground bit by bit and pick up any sticks, stones, broken pottery, garden waste, bricks, rubbish and small branches. This is vital for when you get around to mowing your grass as the least items on the floor as possible means easy and stream line mowing without missing patches or having to circle around things small objects like this can get stuck in your mower, causing it to brake and can even be turned into projectiles, specifically stones and rocks.

Get Weeding

Always be sure to complete this step before mowing your lawn or you will no longer be able to see the weeds and within not too long your freshly mowed lawn will be littered with both new weeds and especially the pre existing weeds that have re grown.

When removing your weeds take extra special care to not rip them at the base of the plant but to dig underneath them and remove them from the ground with all the roots still attached. This is very important because if you were to leave the roots where they are the weed would more than likely grow back in a couple weeks or so.

Its important to get weeds out of the ground sooner rather than later because not only does weed growth take away valuable nutrients from your plant life but it’s also unsightly also the later you leave it the more the weed seeds will spread and new seedlings start to grow like little bonsai trees like little bonsai trees. There are alternative methods to removing weeds by hands, a popular method is chemical weed killers like herbicides but herbicides are dangerous chemicals and their effects can linger for years afterwards meaning that you’re left with toxic residue in your yard. 


Mole holes make mowing close to impossible and therefore if you have a resident mole you will most likely be needing to deal with it. To get rid of moles you must use a poison bait trap. The best way to do this is to place some food inside a plastic bag and tie off one end leaving enough slack to allow air flow through. Place the bag near the hole and wait until the mole comes along to eat the food. Once he has eaten the food he will come across the bag and try to pull himself out of the hole. He won’t realise that his head is trapped inside the bag and will die soon after.

If this solution seems too up close and gruesome then you could always call pest control services who will set traps for you and dispose of the mole for you.

To get rid of molehills you must fill the hole with soil and tamp down firmly making sure that the mound doesn’t rise again. You might want to add some mulch over top to help keep moisture levels high and prevent future mole problems.

Mow That Lawn

To mow your lawn you need to first decide what type of blade you’ll be using. When selecting a lawn mower blade you should look for something that cuts well and makes short work of your lawn. A good rule of thumb is to go for a heavier-duty blade if you plan on cutting large areas of grass such as football pitches or tennis courts etc.

When it comes to the lawn mower itself there are a few different options available including electric-powered ones which run on batteries and gas powered ones which require fuel tanks. Electric-powered lawnmowers tend to be cheaper however they don’t last nearly as long as gas powered models. Gas powered lawnmowers usually cost slightly more but they offer much better performance and longevity. If you’re looking for an economical option then consider buying a petrol ride-on model instead. These types of machines are great value for money and provide excellent service as you can literally sit on your arse as you mow the grass!

Mowing your grass also helps control pests like snakes and mosquitoes. 

Bramble Removal

Not every backyard design idea considers the pests that are weeds and brambles. When it comes to brambles you will need to remove them so that they no longer pose any threat to other plants as brambles love growing around trees and hedges and if you let them continue to thrive they will eventually choke out everything else. This process requires patience and time as once you’ve removed all the brambles you may find yourself faced with another problem; where do I put these now? 

Well the one and only answer to that question is composting bins. Composting bins are ideal for disposing of unwanted materials such as food waste, leaves, twigs, branches and garden waste. They are easy to build and very effective at keeping things tidy and organised.

Furthermore and just like weeds you will need to remove the entirety of the brambles including all the roots or you will notice them re surfacing soon enough.

Hedge & Tree Trimming

You’ll notice that when spring hits, trimming your hedges is not an possibility but a necessity as everyone’s hedgerows suddenly explode out of the seems of their properties, blocking pathways and windows alike. Trees pose less of a problem but nether the less will need the occasional pruning.

Luckily this is an easy and simplistic task to complete. For bushes and hedges relatively close to the ground a basic pair of pruning shears is all you will need, these have the ability and strength to cut small branches sometimes up to 2cm thick. For the harder to reach bush escapees you’ll be wanting to use loppers which are very similar to pruning shears apart from the long extended handle.

If you have a large amount of hedges or bushes on your property then it is suggested to invest in a hedge trimmer to save you a lot of time and frustration.

Fell Your Dangerous Trees

Trees both transform your yard from a concrete jungle to a real one and play a huge role in your backyards very own ecosystem. But they also can cause some huge problems for our human 

Tree Stump Removal

Stump removal is another job that needs doing before planting anything else. You don’t want to put plants down onto stumps because they will rot and decay quickly making your soil unusable. When removing stumps its best to cut them off flush with the surrounding area using either a chainsaw or a stump cutter.

Tree Trunk & Branch Removal

Removing tree trunk and branch material is essential for clearing space for new plantings. The easiest way to accomplish this is by cutting them into manageable pieces using a saw or chainsaw. It is important to ensure that you keep the wood dry while working on it otherwise it could split open causing further damage.

Once you’ve finished cutting the wood, assuming you yourself have no use for it you should place an online add on places like gum tree and Facebook marketplace, either for free or a bit of cash as there are plenty of people that will utilise your scraps for their solid fuel stoves.

Clean Your Shed

Firstly, make sure to consider what type of shed you’re cleaning. If you’re going to clean a wooden shed, you might consider getting rid of the old paint first. Wooden sheds tend to get dirty fast, especially if they aren’t kept well maintained. A good rule of thumb is to give your shed about six months between coats of paint. After that, you’ll probably need to repaint every year or two.

Next, check the roof. Make sure that it isn’t leaking anywhere and subsequently scan the shed floor and particularly the corners for both rot and rat or mouse holes.

To clean the wooden panelling of a shed you will need to remove any loose nails or screws. Then take a wire brush and scrub away at the surface until it shines again. Use a damp cloth to wipe away excess dirt and dust. Finally, apply a coat of clear varnish to protect against future moisture.

When it comes to cleaning metal sheds, you may find that rust has built up over the years. This means that you’ll need to strip the entire exterior of the shed down to bare steel.

Clean Your Conservatory and Greenhouse

Firstly, make sure to consider how much work you intend to do. Some conservatories and greenhouses require more maintenance than others. If yours requires lots of upkeep, you’ll likely spend hours each week keeping things tidy. However, if you only plan to maintain it occasionally, you won’t necessarily need to devote so many hours per month.

The next step is to clean off all the dirt and grime by wiping everything down thoroughly. Next, spray the interior walls with water and let them soak overnight. In the morning, drain out the water and then wash the walls with soap and warm water. Let them air-dry completely before applying a fresh layer of paint.

On the other hand, when cleaning the exterior of a conservatory or greenhouse you can choose from several different methods depending upon which one suits your situation better. You can simply hose it down, but be careful not to splash too hard because you don’t want to cause any cracks in the glass panels.

Or, you can try spraying some bleach onto the outside of the structure. Bleach works great for killing algae growths, however, it does leave behind a residue that needs to be cleaned off periodically. Another option would be to mix equal parts vinegar and hot water together and pour it directly onto the windowsills.

Clean Your Patio or Deck

Firstly, make sure to consider whether you actually need to clean it. Many homeowners think that having a deck or patio makes life easier; however, most decks and patios are used less frequently used than outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. Therefore, unless you really enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space, you shouldn’t bother cleaning it regularly.

If you decide to go ahead and clean it anyway, here’s what you should know. First, start by removing debris such as leaves and twigs.

Then use an abrasive cleaner like sandpaper or steel wool to remove any dirt from your surface. You can also try scrubbing with soap and water if you want to get rid of stubborn stains. Finally, rinse off thoroughly before applying sealant.


Create Flower Bed Boarders

To make flower beds around the edge of your garden or home

Firstly, decide on where and how wide you would like your flower beds to be then using a large shovel dig up the grass, removing it from the area. dig up the soil and mix with as many bags of compost as necessary, this will make the planting much easier later on as it will prevent the soil from completely hardening in hot weather.

Then dig holes about 2 feet deep wide and 3 inches apart, add gravel to the bottom of the holes where you will plant the bulbs. Cover the top of the gravel with pea stone or small stones. Fill these holes with soil mixed with composted manure. Plant bulbs and perennials in groups along the edges of the bed. To prevent weeds, cover the ground between plants with mulch.

Use stones and rocks to create an attractive boarder for your flower beds.

Install a water but

Save money on your water bill by installing a water but, the benefits include saving energy costs and reducing pollution. Installing a rainwater tank requires little effort and only takes a few hours to install. A good quality system will last at least 20 years so there is no reason why you cannot have a beautiful backyard today!

You may find yourself wondering exactly what kind of rainwater collection systems work best? There are two main types available €“ gravity fed tanks and roof mounted tanks. Gravity fed tanks rely on the force of gravity to move water through pipes and into storage containers.

Install an Irrigation System

If your not just an indoor plant grower but an outdoor plant grower but also work lots and tend to find your plants are getting insufficient water then you might want to consider installing a home irrigation system. This type of system allows you to control precisely when and how often each part of your yard gets watered.

This means you don’t have to worry about watering during peak times and not worrying about over-watered areas drying out too quickly.

The key thing to remember though is that all irrigation systems require regular maintenance. If you neglect your sprinkler heads they won’t function correctly and you’ll end up wasting precious water.

Robot Gardeners

We all know technology is going ridiculously far these days and never ceases to amaze us but did you know that there are literal robots available for purchase that will do many things from roaming your garden keeping your grass short to keeping your roses tended to.

These robotic lawnmowers cost anywhere from $200-$1000 depending on their size and features. They come equipped with GPS tracking devices which allow you to monitor their movements remotely via smartphone app.

They’re great because they do everything for you including mowing, trimming hedges, weeding and fertilizing. All you need to do is sit back and relax knowing that your garden is being looked after.

Automatic Food Gardening

There’s nothing more satisfying than having fresh produce right outside your door. When it comes to year round gardening, vegetables are the ones that without any extra effort you use automatic food gardening services.. These methods involve growing crops indoors under artificial lights.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a city apartment or rural farmhouse; indoor gardens are easy to set up and maintain. In fact, most people who try it love it.

Vegetable Garden

You truly can make your veg garden boarders look amazing. Use large planks of timber as borders around vegetable plots. Make sure you choose boards that suit the style of your house. For example, if you like rustic styles go for rough hewn timbers. For modern homes opt for smooth ones.

Your Gardens Very Own Ecosystem

When the term ecosystem is used, it refers to the system of nature in the local area for example, if certain predators go extinct a certain prey, or multiple prey, species will breed out of control and there for their food source will be depleted due to the overpopulation, therefore wiping out other species that rely on this food source. So you see nature might consist of mainly prey and predator but at the end of the day they work together and for lack of a better word would be screwed without each other!

When deciding on your action plan and gathering your backyard design ideas or small modern garden ideas  its wise to not just consider your self and your family but the other inhabitants of your garden, from bees to bunnies they could all use a helping hand

So as you can see from this brief example it is vitally important to support our ecosystems and prevent them from becoming unbalanced. Bellow you will find 5 crucial steps to making your gardens eco system thrive.

Boost Your Gardens Ecosystem 

There are many many ways to boost your ecosystem from supporting the birds to supporting the bugs!

Bug hotels are a great idea to get your kids involved and learning about the outdoors and they can be constructed from just about anything but particularly wooden objects like pallets filled with sticks and leaves.

Similarly to the bug hotel, if your interested in attracting some creepy crawlies just place some congregated metal sheeting down flat on the ground and if your consistent in checking, will find all sorts of cold blooded reptiles curled up underneath absorbing the warmth collected by the metal above them.

Moving on from creatures that crawl to the ones that fly, birdboxes are a vital necessity for bats and birds to stay safe in built up areas. In the countryside, although still helping and supporting the ecosystem, birdboxes aren’t as necessary due to there usually being plenty trees. 

Protect Your Garden from Critters

After spending a few months tending to and caring for your garden, it is frustrating to find an animal enjoying the fruits of your labor. The most effective means to protect your garden from wild animals is with physical barriers.

Repellents and deterrents have limited effectiveness. Scented repellents dissipate outside. Animals grow accustomed to deterrents that rely on sound or sight. Larger mammals can be difficult to keep out of your yard. It is more cost-effective to protect certain areas of your yard from wild hogs, bears, and deer. To keep burrowing animals like gophers and moles out of your garden, you will need to bury the barrier. 

Build or Buy a Compost Bin

Composting your garden and food waste is a great idea as it supports all sorts of bug species in your local area.

It’s recommended that you buy a bin made specifically for composting purposes as they are designed to hold lots of material and ensure that nothing gets stuck in the bottom.

Growing Grass

A grass lawn appears in many backyard design ideas, and for a good reason. A grass lawn appears in many backyard design ideas, and for a good reason. Growing grass is a way to help create an environment where insects such as butterflies and bees can flourish. You don’t have to grow acres upon acres of grass however small patches planted throughout your garden can really add value to its appearance. Grass seed is both cheap and easy to obtain so why not try growing some?

Planting a Hedgerow

Hedges are vital for many species of birds including sparrows, robins and blackbirds. They provide shelter and nesting sites which helps attract these types of birds to your property.

If you’re lucky enough to live near woodland then planting hedges along the boundary between your land and the woods is also beneficial because it creates a barrier preventing animals from wandering onto your land.

Backyard Aesthetics

Its time to talk structures and the different types that can transform your garden into a luxurious space for relaxing and make it most aesthetically pleasing, similarly to a zen garden with buddha, similarly to a zen garden with buddha.

Replacing/Building a Fence

When it gets to the point where your missing whole panels off of your fence or its leaning over closer and closer to the ground regardless of your failed attempts to prop it up with a plank of wood, you should probably consider replacing it.

A brand new fence can cost you from anywhere between £100-£300 depending on what type of fencing you choose. If you want something more permanent than temporary fences then you may need to invest in building one yourself. This is a good option if you already own the materials needed to build one.

Create a Stepping Cobble Stone Path

Stepping stone paths are both lovely and surprisingly useful in your outdoor space. Their sweet appearance gives your garden a fairy-tale vibe and also prevents you and your family from standing on the nasties that can be hidden in the grass like slugs, bird poo, dog poo and thorns.

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a winding stone cobble path leading you down your garden. And although idyllic it is also a largely affordable project. To make your own stepping stone styled path you will need to purchase some small to large (which ever is your preference) slabs which will be your steps.


I think its safe to say no kid wouldn’t want their very own house up in a tree so therefor you can’t possibly go wrong by creating a treehouse if you are a parent.

Treehouses can come in all shapes and sizes but generally speaking they tend to be built either out of timber or metal. Wooden ones are usually easier to construct and less expensive whereas metal ones are often sturdier and last longer.

The best part about having a treehouse is that kids love spending time inside especially when its raining outside. Its great fun watching them climb around and explore every inch of the structure whilst playing games and eating snacks.


If an up high play area sounds a bit too dangerous for your liking then a playhouse is the option for you. Play houses are perfect for children who enjoy climbing and exploring as well as those who just prefer to sit back and relax.

They are made from various materials such as plastic, wood, steel and even concrete. Some have windows and doors allowing light to enter through whilst others don’t. You’ll find that wooden ones are cheaper than other options however they do require regular maintenance.


An outdoor sauna might possibly seem far too fancy for your liking but I assure you if you’ve ever enjoyed the steamy air of a sauna then you’ll know just how worth it it is. Not only are you saving space in your home by having the sauna in your garden but the sauna itself can be highly aesthetically pleasing as there are many advanced to basic backyard design ideas. With all these attractive design styles to choose from. 

Other than the practicality of an outdoors sauna the most profitable part is the reliable and varied range of health benefits. Sauna therapy has been used since ancient times to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to depression. There are numerous studies showing that people suffering with these conditions and many more benefit greatly from taking saunas regularly.

In conclusion, we hope our list of backyard design ideas helped inspire you to create something beautiful within your own yard. If you’re looking for more inspiration then I suggest you click right here to watch a YouTube video all about transforming your outdoor space on a budget.

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