Kids Room Wall Art: Best 10 Mural Hints & Tips

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Written By Eva Stock

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Childhood. A time of magic and fun, and hopefully kids room wall art, when the lines between what is real and what isn’t are somewhat fuzzy and fairy tales are real.

Where the brightly colored mural on your wall may just fuzz into a land where monkeys can talk and explore the world with you.

In my life there is a lovely little blond girl who adored Dora and Boots, and wanted that fantasy in her own room, where she cuddled with a stuffed Boots, while Dora looked down on her from the window of her home.

Where the map and the rain cloud and the King Crab played on the seashore while she too played in her playhouse, peeking out to visit with Backpack. Where she helped rescue the little Redfish and made trips with Boots to far off places.

In the hands of even an amateur painter, nothing is impossible and if you can find a competent mural painter, you can have for your little one, a fantasy land of Dora or Thomas the Tank engine, or the Flintstones.

A child’s room should not be a place that provides just a place to sleep, but a place of escape and fun that removes them from the pressures that even second grade can provide to a small child.

It should offer to them a place of fantasy and laughter and fun, that can include a trip to the beach or a balloon ride.

Kids Room Wall Art

Give your own child the opportunity to escape to another world and you are paying attention to the real needs of every child.‚ To be accepted and loved and to be allowed to dream, while they are still small enough to dream.

Despite the pressures of today to advance rapidly and read at the age of five, you are giving them the chance to be children too.

The one real rule is to make sure that your child’s mural will grow with him or her. That it will last more than just a few weeks or a two month span.

If they want Dora, do one wall in Dora and her friends, while the other three are the rain forest so that the first wall may be repainted as they grow, to incorporate a growing interest in animal life or other things that might fit into the vegetation.

For those who don’t have the funding to provide for paying a muralist, there are some truly wonderful scenes that are strippable and scrub-able sold by some major wallpaper companies that can provide your child with that same opportunity to dream away a rainy Sunday in fantasy land.

Soon, your child will be happily dreaming in‚ their own private fantasy land.

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