Cranberry Wreaths: Useful 101

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Christmas cranberry wreaths were very popular during the earlier part of the last century, when popcorn, cranberries and dried fruits were strung and used as decorations for the holidays.

This small craft is big on style and can be used inside or out to lure in and feed birds as well as to just decorate a door or wall.

Nothing more than wire, pushed through cranberries, two of them are done in the size you like, then bound together with raffia to combine the two wreaths into one double Christmas wreath.

Shaped into a heart, it is woven round and round with raffia and then finished off with a bow and hanger of the same.

Green velvet ribbon in a thinner style could also be used to bind the two wreaths together as well as to fashion the bow.

We make several of these and hang them on our plant poles or trees to feed the birds in a fashionable way during the holiday seasons.

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Cranberry wreaths have been around since the early 1900s but they really took hold after World War II.

The popularity grew so much that by the 1960s there was an annual Cranberry Festival held at the end of November each year in New Jersey where people would come from miles away to see this unique display.

Today we still sell many different types of wreaths made from natural materials such as pine cones, evergreen boughs, berries, leaves and flowers.


In conclusion I hope this article has answered all your questions about cranberry wreaths and if you would like to learn how to make your very own cranberry wreath then I suggest you click on this link to watch a YouTube video explaining everything that you need to know.

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