Energy Efficiency Tier Rating: Energy Saving Appliances

Your energy efficiency tier rating is very important as your home most probably causes more pollution than your car? The average home, according to the experts, does indeed cause more pollution than the car they drive.

The reason for this is because a great deal of the energy that you use for your home comes from fossil fuels that are used to power the electric plants. Lowering your electric use will in fact lower not only your bills but also the pollution that you cause.

Energy Saving Appliances

Lets face it. We can’t all run out and purchase new appliances so that everything we have is absolutely energy efficient. It would be nice if we could afford it, but unfortunately some of us can’t replace everything we own that’s over a couple years old.

While that isn’t practical there are some steps we can take to make the most, or perhaps to make the best of the situation that we currently live with, in regard to our appliances.
There are ways we can minimize our bills and our impact on energy consumption using the same appliances we currently have.

Take stock of what you have in your home. Then take these steps, recommended by Energy Star, to use them to their best advantage and to save as much as you can in both energy and cost to you.

Refrigerators are the single largest power consumption appliances in your home aside from maybe your hot water tank.

A few ways to help out in this department are to:
Put a thermometer inside and make sure that it reads about 40 in the mornings after the fridge is shut all night.

For your Stove:
Try to match the pot size to the burner size to prevent wasting the heat and energy

Use lids on your pots and pans.

Check to make sure that your oven door is sealed tightly.

Use your microwave or a convection over as they use much less energy as the regular conventional stove and oven.

What Does My Energy Efficiency Tier Rating Mean?

An energy efficiency charts purpose is to show how well an appliance performs compared to other similar models. This chart shows which model has the highest performance level based on its overall score.

It’s important to note that each manufacturer uses different criteria when creating their ratings. For example, one company may rate a refrigerator higher than another simply because it has a larger capacity. Another might give preference to products that meet certain standards such as ENERGY STAR®.

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