How to Grow Strawberry Plants: Best 101 Knowledge

Knowing how to grow strawberry plants is every gardeners birth right. The one plant that evokes excitement summer and winter both in either its natural form or made into jam or jelly is the mouth-watering strawberry plant.

These plants require some work so here is one way to start a strawberry patch and enjoy these wonderful fruits for years to come.

There are two main classes of strawberries, June bearing which bear fruit mostly in June; the ever bearing ones that produce fruit most of the summer until frost.

Decide where to place your strawberry bed. This will depend on the layout of your house and yard. Some people use a strawberry jar, but I think a patch is a better choice if you have the room. The south or east side is good because you don’t receive as much sunshine later in the day when it is extremely hot. Prepare your rows like you would for any garden crop.

Strawberry plants need soil that is well tilled and drained with a bit of acidity. They do not like alkaline soils. The local planting time is determined by when the nurseries in your area sell the strawberry plants.

How to Grow Strawberry Plants

Strawberry Plant Plant the strawberries in rows, two to two and a half feet apart with fourteen to eighteen inches between plants. It is important when planting not to cover the crown with dirt, leave it above ground. Crowns that are buried will rot. Use mulch between the plants and rows to keep weeds under control.

Fertilize the plants according to their needs, June bearers lightly at first then more after they start to produce fruit. If you have ever bearing plants, feed them lightly and more often. Make sure the plants get enough water to keep them from losing their fruit and dying off.

Strawberries propagate by sending out runners which root in the ground. To obtain better fruit, pinch off the runners close to the mother plant. After you get the fruit, then let the plants runners reproduce. Be careful, they are very prolific!

Some outdoor and indoor plant growers treat the plant as an annual, to be replanted every year. This does help with better fruit and more healthy plants. Regardless, get rid of old plants every few years and replace with new ones. With a bit of research as to which kind is best in your particular area you could be creating wonderful desserts with the berries from your own patch.

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