Décor for Dining Room: 6 Ideas for Easy Sprucing

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Written By Eva Stock

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Do you have a room that you know could be a real eye catcher, but somehow its just not? The painting is done and the new flooring is here, furniture is in place, but it lacks, something to keep it from being plain and proper.

It lacks interest, and adding it isn’t all that hard to do. Small touches can spark HUGE interest.

That little added touch that gives it spice. Textures and colors can add interest, but they don’t give a room punch, or make it stand out from the hundreds of others that are just like it.

Any time is the perfect time to spice up your home, and make each room draw the eye and reflect your own style and taste.
Sometimes the addition of some small thing, or a combination of little ideas adds up to a big change in a room.

Here are a few things you can try that are guaranteed to add that little something you’re looking for to your decorating.

Use an unusual piece

Add one piece that is unexpected, such as an antique dresser to hold your flowers, or a rustic chest of drawers that will draw the eye to it, of a chair of logs in a Victorian room. Something unique to the room will add real visual interest and draw the eye to it.

Add a Plant

Nothing says wow like something growing and displaying it in an unusual way, such as an ivy topiary is the perfect way to grab the attention of someone entering the room.

Texture Draws Interest

A few throw pillow in coordinating colors, or a leather chair in a velvet room is always an eye catcher. Many people can’t resist the urge to make it all match, when in reality, this encourages bland, and the interest that a few new colors or textures might add is lost.

Get Rid of the old Overhead Light

Add a fan, or in its place, find some unique and interesting lighting ideas such as spot lighting, or focused lighting shining on a single chair and table, which you’ve cleverly added a coordinating pillow to. Lighting makes a huge difference in a room and there are so many unique and elegant ways to add interest that taking advantage of them only makes sense.

Toss in a little Quirk

Flea markets are fun places and swap meets can net you big rewards in decorating. Find an old child’s wagon and add a plant to it, or a collection of glass doorknobs that you display in a shadowbox. A single element can add so much style to your home and anything that is unique, different or a little quirky just adds a great deal to a room.

Don’t forget art and accessories

Throw pillows, cross stitch or needlepoint is always in fashion, and adds not just color and style but also texture to the room. The picture of the Mardi Gras masks that no one but you likes could be a perfect focal point and be made to fit into a room that has some modern elements. Make use of art in your decorating. Make it different and uniquely you.

I hope todays article has given you some bright home décor ideas to spruce up your space and turn the boring vibes into chill and fun vibes. For more inspiring ideas click here and check out this YouTube video out for ideas on how to de-borify your bedroom.