Small Space Big Style: All 4 Seasons

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Written By Eva Stock

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Smaller rooms take some special touches and acquired skills in decorating so that they don’t look smaller still, or worse, cluttered and unwelcoming but that doesn’t mean you cant achieve the ultimate small space big style.

My own living room, while not tiny, is on the smallish side, being about 14×20 it ranks as middle of the road in the size department and that’s including the space my coffee tables take up!

We’ve all heard the adamant commentary that a smaller room and a darker color theme simply don’t mix but the reality is that they can, and they do, and the room is better for it.

Wintertime is the time for these such colours to be present, creating a warm and cosy feel to your small room.

Springtime looks are achieved by adding some of the brighter flowers such as peonies and daffodils in pots, shades of cream and red and pink and white to accessorize.

Summertime rolls in and the color lends itself well to Americana, the flags and American old world style angels and country style accessories.

The fall becomes rustic, with old pots and baskets and leafy pillows in shades of berry and deep green and gold.

In the wintertime, a Victorian scheme is easily accomplished with a removable border and floral furniture pieces.

I broke another of the cardinal rules by not using monochromatic colors, but adding a border during some times of the year, (making sure that it is an easily strippable one) which breaks up the wall. In this case the room, although not overly large does have nine foot ceilings and as such can easily handle the border at chair rail height.

You can change your room to four or five different styles simply by changing accessories. A lamp and pillow and a few candle holders, remove a basket or two and your room style can completely change from one season to the next, moving from Victorian by taking away the floral border, the flowery pillows and satin comforter on the sofa, into rustic by the addition of a new set of textured pillows in dark browns and rusts, leaf shaped doilies on the heavy coffee tables, and moving the coffee tables against the wall, adding a cushion where it becomes an admirable window seat, while adding another trunk which makes a very rustic looking coffee table.

Decorating is largely finding a way to pull together the things that you love into a scheme that is workable. Use your imagination to find ways to draw the look together and think outside the box when it comes to decorating.

Don’t be a slave to styles and fashions, simply make your own style!

If you would like some more decoration inspiration for your small space then I suggest you click here and check out this informative YouTube video on different ways to layout your small bedroom.

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