Tuscan Decorating on a Budget: Dream Kitchen

Tuscan decorating on a budget is a trend that is on the upsurge, with people anxious to emulate that old world style and wake to find themselves having coffee or tea in a cottage style atmosphere prior to starting another hectic day. I personally redecorated my own kitchen in the Tuscan style last fall and I am still in love with the results.

Tuscany is a celebration of what is simple, clean and wholesome. A glass of wine, a homey loaf of crusty bread, a mug of tea.

Tuscan style is clean and simple, no fuss, but sturdy and durable.

Tuscan Kitchen

To do my own Tuscany kitchen, I wanted it to have that old world style and feeling. To begin I took some dark tan paint and trimmed in butterscotch , rather a deep buttery gold.

We added some texturizer that is available from Home Depot, which offers a look of plaster walls, or rough style that has real texture to it.

Over the top of this, we used a spouncer, that is a sponge like gadget that helps to make the walls take on a look of being a bit faded in places, and having more depth to them.

The window and door trims were left natural wood, and the accessories were something simple and natural.
I used a half round pot hanger, and hung copper pots above the stove. Above that, on the top of the pot rack, I added some very natural grape vines with attached deep purple grapes.

Stone war crocks in a deep gold serve as my new cannisters and sit on the counters, atop a small convection oven.
Above our kitchen door stands a small wooden plaque that is wood burned. Grapes wrap around it, and the quote is from Hemingway, “Wine is the most civilized thing in the world”.

Stainless steel serving utensils hang from a second rack just above the stove and behind it, a wall done in faux brick, which looks completely natural and is available to you from Menards Home Decorating.

To offset all of the deep butter color, we purchased the tables coverings and table cloths as well as our throw rugs in a textured weave, a deep burgundy color, which picks up the colors of the flowers on the butter colored stoneware cannisters. Tuscan Style Kitchen The Tuscan Kitchen is utilitarian, comfortable and comforting. It is at home with a Royal Dolton tea cup or a chipped beaker and both can fit nicely.

To find things to fit in your own style Tuscan kitchen why not take a walk through the gallery of items available to you at The Tuscan Kitchen and find your own accessories.

I love waking to coffee in my Tuscan kitchen, and all in all it took less work than any makeover I have ever done, and was infinitely more satisfying.

As they say, when you do it yourself, you get exactly what you wanted.

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