Make a Breakfast Bar Island On a Budget in 3 Super Easy Steps

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In this article we’ll cover all you need to make a breakfast bar island with ease, including


Breakfast bar islands turn your kitchen into a great place to serve quick meals and snacks and a focal point for people to gather when you entertain. We’ve all seen expensive looking breakfast bars that sit in upscale kitchen spaces, and I bet we’ve thought how convenient they would be. Many families have been able to do away with the traditional dining table altogether. A breakfast bar is something of a convenience in any kitchen and while they can be costly, you can build your own relatively inexpensively simply by using preowned or used kitchen cabinets that have been removed from a home and remnant kitchen worktop, available from any home supply store.

Finding Cheap Material To Make A Breakfast Bar Island

The best type of cabinets for kitchen islands will have shelving and drawers still in place in order to gain not only some additional comfortable breakfast bar seating for impromptu coffee guests or breakfast, but also to garner some additional storage from the kitchen breakfast bar addition. If you want your breakfast bar to be a kitchen island instead, you will also need to purchase a backing material such as paneling or wallboard to camouflage the back of the cabinetry, or, if it is to be set against a wall, then those won’t be necessary. Here is how I built my own:

Many local thrift stores sell used cabinets that you can install into kitchen islands, and in some cases new ones which were purchased and could not be returned. The cabinets that I purchased were a set of two, which were single and separate, each one being about 28 inches wide and 30 something inches tall. One had drawers from bottom to top while the other had a door with three shelves inside.

I also purchased twelve L shaped brackets a furring strip remnant countertop in a deep blue, about five feet long. At each end, I attacked the two cabinets to the floor using four of the L shaped brackets to hold each cabinet in place. Attached the countertop, again using smaller L shaped brackets. Here is the Diagram of the easy to make breakfast bar we made in our country kitchen for less than 200 dollars. I added a stabilizer bar across the back of the bar and an an electrical outlet by attaching to an existing outlet to the underside of the bar and secured it. Two bar stools, purchased from Walmart, in the 27 inch height and I had a breakfast bar.

Breakfast Kitchen Islands: Costing

The shorter stools are nearly perfect for the average height counter space and the cabinets at either end permit me to have a place to shove the stools in under when they are not in use.

Total cost for building this simple breakfast bar:

  • 23 dollars for the stools
  • 25 dollars for the cabinets
  • 40 dollars for the remnant entire kitchen counter top (splurge for a piece of granite or marble if you want yours to look like the one pictured above!)
  • 12 dollars for hardware
  • 105 dollars for a perfectly beautiful breakfast bar and stools

 Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

If you don’t already know what kind of layout you would prefer for your kitchen design, here are some ideas to get you started on choosing between them. The likelihood is that you have a space for where the kitchen already is, but it’s worth noting some of the following layout ideas:

1) Traditional – This style has a large center island where most meals are prepared. There may be another small table beside the sink area. It is common for there to be a pantry off to the side.

2) U-shaped – In this arrangement, there is no central kitchen island that you might find in many modern kitchens. Instead, there are several tables around the perimeter of the room with a couple of stools nearby. These tables often include benches so people can sit down during meal preparation. Some kitchens even have multiple sinks along the walls.

3) Square – This is probably the least popular option because it requires more square footage than any of the others. However, it does allow for maximum flexibility since all areas of the kitchen can be utilized.

I hope these tips will help you create a great looking breakfast bar island without breaking the bank. If you need additional information, please feel free to contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how to build a breakfast bar island on a budget.

3 Super Easy Steps to Adding a Kitchen Breakfast Bar Island

Step 1.

Take the height of the breakfast bar into account when you score the drywall. I wanted the breakfast bar to be at a standard bar height, so I scored it at 40 inches.

If you don’t have an existing wall, you’ll need to build a standard frame for the wall with drywall. This is a good way to build an interior wall. Do the same thing for your breakfast island using the same dimensions.

Step 2.

The base cabinet can be painted in any color you choose. I painted the kitchen accent wall to ensure that it matched it’s surroundings

Step 3.

The wall frame had a 2 by 4 cap added to it. Since there’s no way to cut the frames below the wall without damaging it, the cap sits above the wall. The trim should cover the issue up nicely.

Make sure the cap is beneath the wall when you build it so you save time and make creating the trim a heck of a lot easier.