Restoring Old Tools: 10/10 Powerful Rust Removal

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Written By Eva Stock

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Chances are if your here looking at restoring old tools you’ve most probably left the expensive gardening tools outside. It rained or it snowed and now they are rusted and icky and you’ve got to find a way to salvage them or discard them.

The enemy of gardeners everywhere is rust! If you have any kind of metal tool in your shed or garage chances are it has been exposed to moisture for some time. The first thing you need to do when restoring these tools is remove all traces of corrosion from their surface.

Rust is difficult to remove from metal surfaces because it forms on alloys as well as iron and steel. The best method for removing rust is with an acid solution such as hydrochloric or nitric.

If you have access to these chemicals then use them but be careful not to get any in your eyes or mouth. You can also try using baking soda mixed with water which works very well.

These chemicals are for dire cases of rusting but taking away the rust from your tools isn’t hard at all in reality. All you need to do is to spray them well with WD-40, and leave it to sit for about half hour.

Wipe them well with steel wool pads and voila, Your garden tools are shining like new in no time at all, good as new.

Alternatively you could just sand off the rust completely by hand. This would take longer than spraying but it’s much more effective. Sandpaper should work fine for this job.

All in all, this method works very well on most metal objects that have been exposed to moisture. However, if your tool has any kind of plastic parts, then you should not use WD-40 as it can melt plastics. Instead, try using mineral spirits instead. Mineral Spirits work just fine!

In conclusion I really hope this brief article has helped you restore your tools to their former glory. If you would like to see a practical example then click here to watch a YouTube video explaining the easiest method for removing that rust.

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