Bubbling Rock Fountains: Best types For Your Home 101

There are various types of bubbling rock fountains for your home or garden. A fountain can be a free standing structure, or a spray that issues from a pool or pond, or it can be a wall mounted style that runs into a reservoir. In all cases the first necessity will be a pump to keep the water circulating.

The bubbling rock fountains kits which are sold at home and garden supply stores as well as many major chains such as Walmart, contain nearly all of the requirements that you will need to install your fountain including the head, the nozzle and power cord.

Submersible pumps are what accompany most fountains and are made for safe silent operation under the waters surface. Many of them will have lights attached as well to light below the waters surface.

Choose a pump slightly larger than you will need to move the water so that you will be able to adjust your flow rate if you so desire.

Always plug an electric pump into a ground fault circuit interrupter so that it will shut down power to the pump should there be any problems with it.

For a formal garden you might want to consider a more formal free standing fountain.

Fountain Free Standing

In a more natural setting, you would consider perhaps one that resembles a floating lily pad, or something of brass that will highlight and set off the surroundings more naturally.


You can make your fountain a centerpiece by sitting it prominently into the center of a terrace or deck or lawn, perhaps where two paths might intersect.

Wall Fountain

A wall fountain is inconspicuous by its very nature and will surprise and delight those who come upon it in walking the garden or yard.


In a very dry, or arid climate the fountain will lower the temperature of the immediately surrounding area, and be a bonus for plants that are nearby while the persistent trickle or gurgling of the water it pours down will be useful to create a calming effect overall, perhaps even being able to drown out the sound of passing traffic and other noises that are undesirable in the garden surrounding.

A safe solution for those who have small toddlers who are always amazed by the fountain, or pond will be to sink the pond into the ground, cover it with a grill or plywood, leaving a hole for the fountain pipe and to cover the top of the grill with earth and plants, or perhaps with lovely gravel so that there is nothing the child can access.


If you are interested in building your own fountain in a small quiet corner of your modern garden, take a small submersible pump.

Submerge it into a stone bowl, and connect it using a hidden pipeline to a hollow bamboo pole.
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