Pot for Orchid plant: Winter Orchids

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Written By Eva Stock

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It is looking a heck of a lot like wintertime here in Nebraska. The leaves have fallen and snows been on the ground twice already. Those of us who love the orchids of summer were truly left out in the cold until now.

Imagine finding an orchid that loves the winter weather and in fact, actually have come to require it to help them bloom their best come springtime weather.

If its not sub-zero where you live, but about freezing or gets frost, then these orchids will fit well into your garden.

They are orchids of the Nobile genus of Dendrobium, not to be confused with the tropical Dendrobiums that grow in much warmer climates.

When the days become shorter and the nights are cooler the Dendrobiums of this class begin to  shed their leaves, and the plants become dormant.

From November to February they will remain still, and will take only the minimal amount of care, perhaps misting them once in a great while, however you may feel the need for that more than the orchids themselves do.

By the onset of springtime in your area the plants will look horrid enough that you will swear they are completely dead and want to trash them if you don’t know better.
February will arrive and bring with it signs of new growth. These folks love daytime temps of about 50 and nights of about forty.

They will normally grow from about March till the end of August or mid September and flower in late April. If they didn’t get cold enough in the wintertime they won’t flower but will produce kiekies, and if they were too cold, they will simply not re-establish themselves but will die instead.

These are extraordinarily fragrant and have a heady sweet scent. They  are trainable so that the canes will grow straight up, however the flowers are meaty enough that they may in fact bend the cane back to its normal position

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