Yard Tool Rack: Outdoor Tool Storage

Yard tool storage is useful for more than one reason. The old humour story about hitting a garden rake while walking and having it smack you full in the face.. well it isn’t all that funny when you’ve actually come close to having that happen to you. Trust me when I say that stepping on a rake or hoe particularly if you are, as I am, a bare foot gardener, then its just not much fun.

The biggest problem about not having a shed, is that you aren’t storing your rakes, hoes, or shovels right and in reality they can be a hazard, when leaned up against the side of your home or laid down in a garage.

You can hang them in your garage, but the simple truth is that they fall down, and when they do, they are dangerous.

Having a separate shed for your garden tools alone assures that they are out of the way, properly stored and out of the way so that they don’t end up on the floor or actually fall on someone.

Long handled tools should always be stored in their own separate place, whether this is a corner of your garage in the back with hooks attached or a shed.

Obviously the shed is the better ideas since it is going to be a place that can also have shelving added to hold your chemicals and fertilizers, as well as some trash cans or completed compost, and then be locked to prevent anyone from being injured, or accidents from happening.

The shed which is shown has no backing, but is butted against the end of your home, or mobile home, so that it does not need one.

A full sized back can be added so that your shed can be made to be freestanding, if you like, however this particular design will be top heavy so do make sure that if you make it to be the freestanding model that it is staked or fastened down to the ground in some way, so that is is not susceptible to falling and creating more problems than it solves.

The diagram below may help you to build your own model of this handy garden shed.

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