Soot From Chimney: Best Winter Maintenance 101

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Unfortunately many of us experience soot from the chimney falling on to our nice clean carpets. This time of year we are all looking forward to that roaring fire in the evening or the coals at the end of the day. A wood furnace or fireplace can heat so well, and the visuals are remarkably appealing to us, but none of it is possible without real problems unless we take the time to assure the the chimney is free of obstructions and build ups, and that our firebox is free of ash and sediment.

Making time to do the yearly maintenance on your fireplace or chimney will assure that they give you the best service possible and prevent future problems.

On the Chimney

Check the bricks and make sure that all the mortar is in place as it should be

Take out any plant or moss growth

Check the flashing that surrounds the chimney

Check the crown of your chimney for any cracks that may have developed. Cement them well with patch material

Check the flue for damage or anything obstructing it

Check the fireplace or stove itself to assure that there are no cracks or any type of damage to the stove

Look upward at the flu liner to check for any kind of creosote build-up.

Take out any ashes and dispose of them.

Soot From Chimney

Each year you should have your chimney professionally cleaned. Many people will simply dangle a chain down the chimney and scrape the walls of the chimney with it and find later, when the creosote catches fire that it was not enough.

Do take the time and money to see your chimney cleaned well. The cost is absolutely going to be worth it in what you may be saving.

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