Quilting Ornaments: Fab Fabric Crafts

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My daughter is helping me with a family tradition we recently started, making Quilting Ornaments. We are making these ornaments to give to our family when we send the newsletter and pictures.

This is not difficult to make and work up quickly, and you are giving your friends and family an ornament that can become a keepsake, used Christmas after Christmas… a gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Items needed:

  • Fabric with Christmas design (fat quarters work well with this)
  • Green or red fabric for backing
  • Thin ribbon or rickrack for loop
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • sewing pins
  • fabric marker
  • pencil
  • cup with a 3 and ½ inch opening
  • Sewing machine (If you have one great, if not you can hand sew it)


Before cutting the fabric wash it and iron it to make sure it is colorfast and will not fade.
Cotton material works great for this. You do not want the material to be too heavy or it will break or bend the branches of your Christmas tree.

These fabric Christmas ornaments can be sewn by hand or by machine.

Cut the fabric into 4′ squares, matching the Christmas fabric with either a green or red square placing the right sides of fabric together. Pin them together to keep them from slipping.

Take one of the pinned squares and place the cup upside down on it. Trace around the edge of the cup with the marker or pencil. This line is your guideline, it will be the one you follow while sewing.

Sew the fabric together, keeping on the guideline and leave a space unsewn at the top.

After trimming the excess fabric off, carefully turn the ornament right side out and fold down the edges.

Cut the rickrack or ribbon to the desired size then hand sew the opening closed making sure to sew the ribbon or rickrack in place.

And voila! You now have your highly inexpensive and home made addition to your Christmas tree.

If you wish to sign it, make sure the fabric pen is waterproof. This is a good idea as it is easy to forget what ornament you gave last year and the year before that so if you still want those new years cookies from those neighbors you may want to follow this advice so if you still want those new years cookies from those neighbors you may want to follow this advice. We placed Merry Christmas 2007 on ours and my daughter wants to design her own ornament for next year.

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