Modern Black Door Handles: Christmas Decorations for Your Handles

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Instead of buying Christmas decors for this holiday, why not do it yourself? This is one of the easiest do-it-yourself décor that you can hang on your door handles at home. It is a good substitute to the usual stockings that we use during the Christmas season. If you have kids, let them design their own décor for the door handles in their room and together, make one for your main door too. This will be a great way to spend quality time with your family. It is fun and very easy to do for you and your kids.

You would need the following supplies:

Red or Green and White Cardstock (you can buy this in your favorite scrapbook store)

Patterned Papers (Make sure that the patterns will not clash with your chosen pictures)

10 to 12 inch colored ribbons (preferably with gold edges)

Photos (from old Christmas albums)

Christmas themed stickers

Embellishments (buttons, pins, flowers, and the likes)

Glitter Pens (in Christmas colors)




  • Cut 2 – 3 black, Red or Green cardstocks into 8×5 inches or any size depending on your door handles.
  • Holding it vertically, cut both the upper right and left corner to create a tag shape cardstock.
  • Punch a round hole on top of the tag shaped cardstock.
  • Slip the ribbon inside the hole and tie a knot at the ends. This will be use to hang the décor in your door handles
  • Cut out the letters N,O,E,L using the white cardstock. Make sure that you cut the letters small so that it can be pasted on the cardstock together with the pictures.
  • Choose from several pictures inside your album and cut them into about 2×2 inches or cut the pictures in different shapes making sure that these shapes will fit the size of your cardstock.
  • Cut the patterned paper into the same shape as the pictures but slightly bigger. This will serve as your background and a visual “space” between the photo and the paper.
  • Mat and glue the pictures into the cut out patterned papers.
  • Paste the pictures and the letters wherever it is nice to place them on the tag shaped cardstock.
  • Put some embellishment around the picture using the Christmas themed stickers or any other embellishments that can be found around your house.
  • For added design, doodle along the edges of the cardstock or around the pictures using your glitter pens.

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