Little Boys Room: Decoration Inspiration

A little boys room should be, not just a place to sleep, but their own haven. A place to play and to work… as well as to dream.

It should have a little whimsy and a lot of fantasy, where lovely things happen and he or she can imagine their way to adulthood. The best rooms are those which reflect your children’s personalities; they’re like mini-versions of yourself!

If you want to create an inviting atmosphere in your kids’ bedroom that’s small but decorative then there are some simple décor ideas that will help make sure that every time they enter their room they feel at home.

Use soft colors such as blues, greens, pinks and purples. These colours give off a calming effect and encourage restful sleeping patterns. If you prefer brighter hues try reds, yellows and oranges instead.

The key thing when designing any kid’s room is to use lots of natural materials. This includes wooden toys, furniture, rugs and curtains. Natural elements add character and personality to a room without being too loud. They also provide a sense of security and warmth.

When choosing bedding, opt for something with a patterned design so that your child feels comfortable and secure.

This room, made for a little boy, incorporates a little boys love of things that move. From trains to planes to cars, there are so many ways to make your little one feel like they’re in an adventure every time they go in their room!

A child’s room needs extra storage space, and to take full advantage of the floor room so there is a place to play. This means having lots of drawers, shelves and cubbies. There’s no need for clutter here – everything has its place.

The walls will get covered with drawings, paintings, posters and pictures from magazines. And if you want to add some colour, then why not? Paint the wall behind his bed bright red, or paint the ceiling sky blue. You’ll find plenty of ideas online about how to decorate little boys rooms, and we’d recommend checking out Pinterest too.

Just like your professionally organised pantry holds your ingredients this car organizer on the wall is made to hold small toy cars such as the die cast models, while the caboose on the ground is extra seating for friends, built as it is of sturdy wood, and opens to reveal storage for those special toys.

A child’s room, as well as being bright and airy, needs to be durable and easy, so that fingerprints don’t damage a wall or foot-tracks ruin a carpet, and its requires us to be aware that we can’t, and actually shouldn’t limit them stringently in their own space, by adding a cream colored carpet that we may love, but simply isn’t practical.

The hardwood flooring is an easy care solution to little footprints, while the wipe clean vinyl wall covering will easily wipe clean of mishaps with a crayon or a chocolate bar. When designing a little boys room we chose to use white painted pine boards because they were inexpensive and available at any home improvement store.

They also look great when paired up against dark woods. We used 1/4 inch thick plywood sheets for all our baseboards and trim. These are very strong and stable materials which won’t warp over time. If you choose to do something different than what I did, please let me know in the comments section below.

The center of the floor boasts a room softener in the guise of the braided rug. These rugs are very popular because they look great, and also provide warmth underfoot when cold weather strikes. They come in all sorts of designs, colors and sizes, making them perfect for any kid’s bedroom.

We chose a light grey color scheme, with added colored fluorescent lights to add color, for our nursery which was inspired by the beautiful old world architecture found throughout Europe. We wanted something simple yet elegant, and used white furniture and accessories to create a warm atmosphere.

The country bedroom for a child is both practical as well as attractive, with its stripes and train borders that will see him dreaming of being the engineer on a locomotive.

As you can see, this little boys room is practicality and big style combined.

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