Ice Lantern: How to Make the Ice Candle

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Christmas, Winter Holiday, Yule, or whatever you call it personally is traditionally a festival of lights and what’s a cooler light than a ice lantern? Around the world all kinds of lights adorn homes for a variety of reasons. The origin of the concept, however, is simply that winter was darker. Ancients felt that one could light candles and give greater strength to the sun, inspire health or luck, and appease the Spirits.

This idea has continued even into modern times where Christmas candles are relatively popular and they look spectacular in small modern gardens and they look spectacular in small modern gardens. Better still, they make a great craft project that also can become gifts for family and friends. Let’s look at ice candles as one option. I like these because they use the ice element, which reminds me of snow and icicles and all those wintry scenes on cards.

The beauty of this (and most candles) is that they’re very cost effective.

How to Make Your Ice Lantern Candle

Save an old oatmeal container and cut off the top.

Next, rub some vegetable oil on the inside of the cardboard. Be thorough in this step or the candle will stick.
Third, cut a wick that’s a little taller than your mold.

You can suspend this in the middle of your mold by tying one end to a pencil that lies across the diameter of the mold and putting a small weight (like a paperclip) on the bottom of the hanging string. Now you melt the wax. I like to save ends and pieces throughout the year rather than buying new.
Next, pour a little wax in the bottom of the mold and let it cool. This helps secure your wick. On top of that you can spoon in roughly crushed ice (no more than 2 inches), followed by another layer of wax.

Make sure to cover the ice. Repeat this step leaving a little room at the top of the mold. The candle’s effectively done but for taking off the cardboard. For a more finished look, however, you can rub the wax gently with a soft cloth and take a hot knife along the top for a nice, even finish.
To change up this idea a little, you could melt different colors of wax and use one hue on each level of the ice candle. There will be some nifty mingling of colors where two layers meet too! This way you can design candles that match a person’s interiors and design tastes.

If you would like to continue and learn how to make the cover for your ice lantern candle then click here for a video showing you how to do just that.

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