Holiday Napkin Rings: DIY

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Written By Eva Stock

I love gardening, building, making and fixing things. 





Your holiday table should be adorned with holiday napkin rings that are as festive as the occasion.

With these little napkin decorations unwrapping your napkin will feel like getting another gift.

Purchase some small glassine, or decorator envelopes, and using a hole punch, punch a hole through them.

Or purchase some of the small net drawstring bags used for weddings. Make your bags about 2 by 2 inches

Thread with a pretty ribbon, perhaps add some greenery and use this to tie the napkin in place instead of a napkin ring.

Fill the small envelopes or bags with small treats, a cookie, some nuts or mints, a small inexpensive necklace or bracelet for the women or little girls the kids, a smaller tool or gift card for a man, write a name on them and they also double as place cards for seating your guests.

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