Halloween Cell Phone Costumes: How to Make Your Own

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Make your own halloween cell phone costumes at home with a cardboard box and some good old fashion creativity. With Halloween on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about costumes. While store-bought costumes are really easy to find, there’s nothing like making a costume with your children, and more often than not it’s a cheaper option too. Unfortunately, most make your own costume ideas require you to sew like Martha Stewart, so if you’re not handy with a needle or sewing machine, you’re out of luck, right? Wrong. You can make a creative and fun Halloween costume using materials that are around your home right now, and all you need is a box, some glue, a pair of scissors, and a little creativity.

Costume Idea: Halloween Cell Phone Costume

Halloween Cell Phone Costumes
Halloween Cell Phone Costumes

Steps to Create Halloween Cell Phone Costumes:

  1. As with the robot Halloween costume, you’ll first need to decide how to orient the box. With halloween cell phone costumes, you have another element to consider, though: you need something to flip open from the bottom to create a flip phone. If you only have one box, you can turn it so that one of the flaps hangs open at the bottom. However, you may end up with gaps in the body of the box that will need to be covered. It’s best to have two boxes: use one for the body and use the other to create the flap. Cut head and arm holes. Cut out the bottom of the box for the body to fit through.
  2. If you’re using two boxes, cut a flap off of the second box and attach it to the body of the light-colored costume. You want it to swing open and shut freely, so tying it on with string is your best bet.
  3. Now, cover the body of the phone. You can use spray paint, craft paint, or glue attractive craft paper onto it.
  4. It’s time to decorate. Start at the top down. First, you need an antenna. Glue a pipe cleaner to the top corner, making sure that it’s not going to jab your child in the face. On the body, you’ll need a large rectangle for the speaker, and then the number pad underneath. Use the number cutouts to make the number pad; if you’re lucky enough to find the * and # signs, that’s fabulous. If not, you can always fill them in with the marker. You may also opt to outline the “buttons” with marker to make them stand out more. Lastly, on the inside of the loose flap, you’ll need to put some large black dots for the microphone.
  5. Dress your child in a coordinating color, since his or her arms and legs will show, and you’re all set for Halloween!

Halloween Costume Project: Robot

Halloween Costume Project Robot

Materials needed:

  • Cardboard box
  • Two 20 oz. plastic soda bottles
  • Screw off bottle tops, foamies, electrical or reflective tape, and other decorations
  • String
  • Paint, paper, or aluminum foil

Steps to Make Your Halloween Robot Costume

  1. First, make the robot Halloween costume body. Turn the box so your child’s torso will fit inside. Cut a hole on the top for the head and holes on the sides for arms. Cut out the entire bottom of the box for the legs. Depending on the construction of the box, you may need to use a hot glue gun to keep it from falling apart after you remove one side entirely.
  2. Decorate the body with paint, glue decorative paper to it, or glue aluminum foil onto it to get the effect you want. Create knobs, a phone screen, and panels on the body using your decorative material. For example, you can make a series of turn knobs by spray painting some bottle tops and gluing them onto the body. Foamies can become push buttons. Create a waist or a belt with electrical tape, dark tape, or reflective tape. Or, come up with your own idea.
  3. Now, make the robot arms and legs. Using a sturdy pair of scissors, cut the tops and bottoms off the soda bottles. Then cut the bottles in half length-wise. Now you will have four ridged guards that you can tie to your child’s arms with string. (Consider using a hole punch to make the holes for the string, particularly if you’ve selected a thick bottle.) A simple application of metallic paint to the guards will make them look like robot arms.
  4. If you want, you can purchase some face paint to help complete the outfit. Robot face paint application is actually very easy. Paint the entire face in the base color of your choice, making sure not to get too close to the eyes. Then, with a paint crayon that is safe for facial use, draw straight lines from the middle of the chin back to the bottom of the ears to create a robot jaw. Create a robot mouth by drawing two straight lines from the corners of the mouth down to meet the jaw. Then, draw two straight lines down either side of the nose, connecting them above the nostrils. Now you have a robot nose. You can add robot cheekbones with a straight line right across the apples of the cheeks. And last but not least, add a line straight across the forehead.
  5. If you’ve gone with the traditional silver robot, dress your child in black clothes underneath, since they’ll show around the arm and leg guards. If you’ve chosen a different color, simply select something that will coordinate well.

If you don’t have enough time to make this, have a look at some of these last minute Halloween costume ideas.