Glamorous Bedroom Furniture: Vibe Check

Chances are, if your here then your interested in finding the right glamorous bedroom furniture for your home. Well your definitely in the right place as today well be going into a detailed explanation of how you can achieve the glamorous vibe that your seeking.

Many designers tell us that the key to an elegant bedroom is harmony. Everything needs to be mindfully chosen and placed without feeling static or uninviting. At least one step to being successful in that process is knowing the names of the items that are commonly used to create this elegant feel.

For example, what’s the difference between a coverlet and a duvet? The first is general bed coverings while the latter is something smaller, warm and comfortable (often down-filled). And don’t get itchy when you hear the word ticking – this is just the fabric on the outside of the mattress!

Next, the centerpiece of most elegant bedrooms is, well, the bed! Now, nearly any bed can seem elegant if you dress it right. A daybed can become a couch when not in use, and help keep a small decorative room feeling open and airy. Platform beds allow for underneath storage to keep a room neat. Sleigh beds, Four-post beds, and canopy beds are certainly fancier but if you’re dealing with limited space, they’re not always the best choice.

Once you’ve found the bed you adore, look again at your space. Most elegant bedrooms are slightly more geometric in their configuration as opposed to organic. They have a sense of planning and purpose that every decoration from light shade to pillow shame accents. When you look at your present room, what bothers you the most? Is the carpet dingy, is there too little light, or maybe the closet needs some TLC. Start there! You’re not going to be happy with any amount of decorating if you don’t fix what’s already wrong.

In choosing decorations, now think ambiance. What is the feel you want? Comfort? Playfulness? Passion? These things can all be expressed in little touches including candles, paintings, and mirrors. The only caution is not to decorate so much that you feel funny about disrupting the pristine bed when it’s time to sleep!

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