Cracking The Living Room Renovation Code

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In this total living room renovation guide, we’re going to cover all the top aspects of a living room remodel.

The Living Room

Living rooms are best designed according to how many people live in the household. This includes number of bedrooms renovations, bathrooms renovations, and other common spaces. Living rooms are often the largest space in any home, making this one of the first places to get renovated. There are several ways to design a living room depending on your needs. Some homeowners opt for traditional styles, whereas others favor contemporary style. Traditional homes tend to feature large pieces of art, high ceilings, lots of natural sunlight, fireplaces and chimneys. 

In What Order Do I Renovate a Living Room?

Can I DIY a Living Room Renovation?

You absolutely can DIY your living room or lounge, especially if you’re only planning to renovate the furniture and walls. However if you’re planning a more extensive renovation involving gas pipes and electrics, building walls, or even knocking out existing walls, then you had better employ the services of a few professional tradesmen such as an electrician, a gas engineer, and a builder.

Living Room Electric 

Seeing as the living room is one of the most used rooms in a house, you’re naturally going to have a number of appliances in here, this could be anything from a TV set to a stereo system, or even an electric heater. Again you will need to consider the amount of appliances you want to include in the living room and consult with the electrician about moving existing power outlets or adding new power outlets.

Living Room Fireplace

A living room fireplace really is a top class addition that screams ‘English aristocrat’, if you don’t have one of these you may consider adding one, whether it be artificial or functional. Additionally a living room fireplace really adds to the atmosphere and mood, especially during the winter time. However if your home doesn’t have a chimney, you can have one built in, or you can get an artificial electric fireplace.


In older homes chimneys are located in the roof area above the living room. They were originally made of brick but nowadays metal ones are preferred because they last longer and are easier to clean. Chimneys should always be cleaned regularly by professionals who know what they are doing. If you do decide to install a chimney it can be a long process, on the contrary if you’re planning to have your chimney removed, I can tell you from my personal brick chimney removal experience, with a crew of two men it takes about two days, if your chimney runs through multiple floors add a days work time per floor.

Artificial Fireplace

An artificial fireplace is a great way to heat up your living room without having to worry about fire hazards. It’s also very easy to use and requires no maintenance whatsoever. Artificial fireplaces usually consist of a glass fronted cabinet which contains a heating element inside. The heating element heats air within the unit causing warm air to rise into the room via vents at the back of the unit. This means there is less chance of smoke coming into contact with people sitting near the fireplace.

Living Room Flooring

Choosing the right flooring in your living room will add to the amount of comfort that the room provides. Living room flooring is usually hardwood such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany etc., however carpeted areas are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of cleaning. Hardwoods require regular maintenance which means having to sand and polish them every now and then. Carpets are easy to maintain and don’t get scratches, although they might stain over time. You’ll find carpets come in various sizes and colors.

Carpet Living Room Flooring

Carpet flooring is probably the easiest type of flooring to keep looking good for years to come. There are many different types available including wool, nylon, polyester, acrylic, vinyl, jute, sisal and more. Most modern carpets are washable so all you need to do is use carpet cleaner and even carpet shampoo and let it dry out before vacuuming. Some carpets are designed specifically for high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms where spills happen frequently. These are called spill-proof carpets.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring in a living room is ideal because it looks beautiful and lasts a long while. In fact some homeowners prefer this option to other options simply because it’s cheaper than installing new tiles or laminate flooring. Hardwood comes in several varieties including pine, cedar, birch, hickory, ash, elm, teak, mahogany and others. Each variety has its own unique look and feel making each piece of wood perfect for any kind of decorating style.

Laminate Flooring

If you want something cheap yet durable, laminate flooring is an excellent choice. Laminate flooring consists of layers of plastic bonded together under pressure. Because these materials are relatively inexpensive, they make sense when money is tight. However, laminate flooring tends to wear down quickly and needs frequent refinishing.

Tile Living Room Flooring

Tile living room flooring is not common, especially in a traditional living room space but not totally unheard of, especially in warmer regions Tiles can be installed directly onto concrete floors or cement slab floors. They’re extremely versatile and can easily blend in with almost any home décor. If you have tile flooring already, you may wish to consider adding another layer of tile to create a pattern or mosaic.

Home Aquarium

Lovers of the sea and sea life among you may be considering adding a home aquarium to your home. If that’s what you love, then I would say go for it! Your home would be the envy of others once they see it. When building a home aquarium there are some important things to keep in mind such as : size, lighting, water quality, temperature control, filtration, fish food, decorations, plants, and more. The size of your tank depends on the type of fish you plan to put inside. For example, small tanks hold only 1-2 gallons while larger tanks hold up to 5 gallons. A good rule of thumb when choosing a tank is to make sure its at least twice the length of your hand. Lighting plays a big role in keeping your fish healthy and happy. Place the tank where it can get some natural light, but at the same time is not totally exposed to intense sunlight, this is especially important in warmer areas.

Home Cinema

living room renovation

A home cinema is a great addition to any home, it could be as simple as a blank wall and a projector, or as complex as a whole dark room with sofas and giant screens. Home cinemas are very versatile and can fit into almost any space. There are many types of projectors out there, ranging from large screen models to portable units. Some people prefer using a computer monitor instead of a TV set, this way you won’t need to buy a new television. Another option is to use a digital video recorder like TiVo. DVRs record programs onto DVDs and allow users to watch recorded shows later without needing to pay for cable services.

Smart TV

A large sized smart tv is a great option for a smaller home cinema Smart TVs come equipped with internet access which allows them to connect to online streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu Plus. These websites offer movies and TV series free of charge. You can also download apps onto your smart TV allowing you to play games, check email, surf the web etc. Many modern smart TVs even include built in speakers which will help fill your home theatre with sound.

Home Cinema Projector

Projectors like an Epson Home Cinema 2150 offer a much better picture than standard televisions. With a high resolution display these projectors provide crystal clear images. Most projectors require no external power source making them easy to install anywhere in the house. In fact most projectors don’t even need their own stand, simply place them on top of a bookshelf or other flat surface. 

Home Cinema Surround Sound

Surround sound systems consist of several components including: speaker system, amplifier, subwoofer, receiver/amplifier, surround processor, center channel speaker, and cabling. This equipment is usually connected via RCA jacks located around the perimeter of the room. It should be noted that surround sound systems do not work well if placed too close together. Also note that surround sound systems tend to produce less bass response compared to stereo systems. 

Living Room Furniture

When designing a living room furniture layout, think about how much seating will be needed. You don’t necessarily need to provide every person in your family with their own chair, however if you do decide to add chairs, try to avoid placing them too close to one another. This creates a crowded feeling which isn’t conducive to relaxation. Also remember that most couches come equipped with armrests, so unless you really need extra legroom, you might find yourself sitting uncomfortably.

Living Room Coffee Table

If you want to give your living room an instant update, look no further than a coffee table. It doesn’t matter whether you choose wood, glass, metal, marble or stone; all these materials work well together. However, before buying anything, take note of the dimensions of your existing tables. Make sure that whatever material you select has enough clearance around it to accommodate other items placed nearby. In general, smaller pieces should sit closer to each other, whereas bigger ones should be spaced farther apart.

Floor Lamp

The floor lamp is a must have item in any modern interior design. Floor lamps offer several advantages over traditional ceiling lights: They’re easier to install, less expensive, and require fewer electrical outlets. Plus, they create a softer ambiance by casting soft shadows across walls and floors. Most importantly though, floor lamps are perfect for creating drama within rooms. Whether you opt for a classic style or something contemporary, floor lamps are always stylish additions to any decor.

Living Room Sofas

The sofa is one of the most integral parts of the modern living room and is often one of many statement pieces found throughout the room. Sofa styles vary greatly depending on personal taste and budget constraints. But regardless of the style chosen, the sofa needs to complement both the overall theme and color scheme of the room. To achieve this goal, consider purchasing two matching sofas rather than just one. This allows you to mix and match different patterns and colors to suit your individual tastes.

Types of sofa style include:

Traditional – A traditional sofa features straight back arms and legs, usually covered in leather. The seat cushion may also feature tufting along its edges. Traditional sofas tend to be more formal looking but still comfortable.

Contemporary – Contemporary sofas typically feature curved backs and padded seats. These designs were popular during the 1970’s and 1980’s when designers wanted to bring comfort back into homes after years of hard-edged furnishings. Today, some people prefer the clean lines and simplicity of contemporary sofas while others enjoy the retro feel of older models.

Sectional РSectionals can serve as additional seating options in addition to being used as occasional beds. Some sectional sofas even fold up into bed configurations! If space is limited, sectionals allow you to maximize available square footage without sacrificing comfort. Sectional sofas are great because they can easily double as home office desks or dinning room seats that watch your dining room d̩cor well. Very convenient for transitional living.

Living Room Armchair

A good arm chair will make a big difference in how cozy your living room feels. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get a nice piece of furniture. There are plenty of affordable choices out there if you know where to shop. Here are three tips to help you find the right arm chair at a reasonable price:

Look online. Many retailers sell their products through websites like

Shop local. Stores such as Ikea and Target carry inexpensive arm chairs.

A good armchair also makes a good choice for any living room window seat.

Living Room Pieces of Furniture

Other living room pieces of furniture include tables, end tables, sideboards, bookcases, etc. Tables come in all shapes and sizes. Choose an appropriate size based on what type of table it is going to replace. For example, if you want to use a small table with a large couch, choose a smaller version that won’t overwhelm the area. End tables should fit snugly against wall cabinets or other items. Sideboard units provide extra storage space and add visual interest to a room.

Living Room Colors

The colors you choose for your living room will depend largely upon what type of mood you want to set with your guests. For example, bright primary colors might work well in an informal setting whereas muted tones would look better in a more formal environment. Regardless of which colors you decide to use, it’s important that these hues blend together harmoniously. Otherwise, the effect could appear garish instead of inviting.

Lighter Color

Using a lighter paint color in your living room will create a brighter atmosphere. White walls, light blue ceilings, yellow accents, etc., all add brightness to a room. However, keep in mind that too much white can overwhelm other elements within the room. It’s best to balance the amount of whitespace against darker shades.

Dark Color

Using a darker color of paint will create a quieter, less vibrant ambiance. Darker blues, browns, greens, and blacks give off a sense of calmness. In fact, dark rooms have been shown to reduce stress levels by about 20%.

Neutral Color

If you’re not sure whether to go with a neutral or colorful theme, then opt for something in between. Neutral colors include taupe, gray, tan, black, and cream. They provide a soothing backdrop for most decorating styles.

Bold Colors

Bold colors in a living room are usually reserved for accent pieces. A bold wall treatment, rug, lampshade, or throw pillow may be enough to draw attention away from the rest of the room. Bold colors should never dominate a room; otherwise, they’ll overpower everything else. Instead, try using them sparingly.

Color Palettes

When choosing colors for your living room, think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to traditional combinations like orange/yellow, green/blue, pink/purple, etc. Try mixing different colors together to come up with unique palettes. This way, you won’t feel restricted when designing your own style.

Living Room Doors

 Maybe your living room backs off to the yard or another room of the house, in which case you might want to choose some snazzy doors If this isn’t the case, however, there are plenty of options available. You can get custom-made doors made out of wood, metal, glass, plastic, or even stone. The choice really depends on how fancy you’d like things to be. Some people prefer simple wooden doors while others enjoy ornate designs. Whatever kind of doors you pick, make sure they complement the overall design scheme of the room.

Glass doors

A lot of homeowners love having glass doors because they allow natural lighting into their homes without blocking views. Glass also allows heat to escape during cold weather months. But before you buy any new doors, consider where they’ll be placed. Will they open onto a sunny patio or balcony? Or do they lead to a bedroom or bathroom? Make sure you know exactly where each door leads so you don’t wind up with mismatched openings.

Wooden Doors 

Another popular option is wooden doors. These types of doors tend to cost less than those made of steel or aluminum. And if you plan on doing some interior painting in your home, then wooden doors offer a great opportunity to incorporate your favorite color schemes. Wooden doors are often stained or painted to match existing décor. So if you already have a particular color palette in mind, then you can easily coordinate the two.

Metal Doors

Metal doors aren’t as common as either wooden or glass ones. However, they still exist today. Most modern houses feature at least one set of these doors usually with modern black door handles usually with modern black door handles. While they look good, it’s important that you keep an eye on maintenance costs. Over time, rusting metal doors can become quite unsightly. To avoid such problems, ensure that all surfaces are well sealed against moisture. Also, check regularly for signs of corrosion. 

French Doors

 If you’re looking for something more elegant and sophisticated, French doors could be just what you need. They typically consist of three panels: a top panel, a bottom panel, and a center panel. Each panel has its own frame and hinges. When closed, the middle panel rests between the other two. In addition to being beautiful, French doors provide privacy by keeping rooms separate from one another. Plus, they let light enter through large windows. French doors often make beautiful statements about your home.

Living Room Walls

In a living room renovation the walls are usually painted or wallpapered Either way, you should select a neutral shade that will work with most furniture pieces. For example, white works best with dark brown leather couches, but not with bright yellow chairs. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when selecting paint shades. That way, you can change them later if needed.

Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is a lovely design that will make your living room walls feel warm and cozy, and even give off a Nordic skiing chalet vibe Wood paneling comes in many different styles including wainscoting, crown moldings, chair rails, baseboards, and cove moldings. All of these add visual interest to your space. As long as you use quality materials, you won’t find yourself regretting the decision to install wood paneling.

Wall Mural Painting

I’ve seen a few of these during my time, I can say by far these are the most impressive ! A mural is basically a big piece of art that covers almost every inch of a wall. The idea behind this type of artwork is to create a unique focal point within a room. You might want to go with a theme like mythology, nature, animals, etc. If you really want to get creative, you can even try creating your very own masterpiece using photos taken around your house.

Living Room Wallpaper

This is probably the easiest way to update any room in your home without spending too much money. Living room wallpaper is available in various patterns and colors. Some designs include abstract shapes while others focus on geometric forms. Whatever style you choose, remember to stick with a single pattern throughout the entire area. This helps prevent the appearance of clutter.

Living Room Painted Walls

Paint isn’t only used to cover up ugly spots; it also adds character to your walls. There are so many options out there that choosing which color to pick can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry because we have some great tips to help you narrow down your choices. First, think about how bold or soft you’d prefer your walls to appear. Then, consider whether you’d rather see lighter or darker hues. Finally, take into account the overall mood of your room.

Wall-Mounted TV

A wall mounted television offers several advantages over traditional TVs. Not only do they look cool, but they allow you to place your favorite shows right where you spend most of your time watching tv. These units come in all sizes ranging from 42 inches to 60 inches. Most people opt for 55″ televisions since they offer plenty of viewing real estate. However, smaller screens aren’t necessarily bad either. Just keep in mind that larger ones tend to consume less energy than their smaller counterparts.

Built-In Bookshelves

If you’re looking for an easy solution to organize books, built-in bookcases may be just what you need. They provide ample storage space and are perfect for displaying family heirlooms such as photographs and other memorabilia. Built-ins typically measure between 24″ and 36″. Depending on the size of your room, you’ll likely need two shelves per unit.

Gallery Walls

These days, gallery walls are becoming more popular among homeowners. Gallery walls consist of multiple pieces of framed art hung side by side. While they require a bit more effort than standard frames, they often result in stunning displays. To ensure that your gallery wall looks its best, follow these simple steps:

  • Choose high-quality prints
  • Use neutral tones
  • Keep them consistent
  • Hang them properly
  • Clean regularly
  • Add accessories
  • Don’t forget lighting
  • Consider framing

How Much Will My Living Room Renovation Cost Me?

The cost of living room renovation depends largely upon the scope of work involved. For example, if you plan to completely gut the interior of your existing structure, then expect to pay anywhere from $10,000-$20,000. On the other hand, if you simply wish to add new flooring and paint, then the total project will run approximately $3,500. Of course, the average cost varies depending on the materials you use and the amount of labor required.

Living Room Design Ideas

When designing your own living room, make sure to incorporate elements like comfortable seating areas, decorative accents, and convenient features. You should also try to create a sense of balance within the room’s design. If one part seems overly busy, another might feel empty. The trick here is finding the right mix of both. Have a look at this video if you want so see some nice living room renovation ideas.

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