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Decorating your boys room is a fun project to do with your son. Make his room a place he will love to spend hours pretend playing and enjoying with siblings and friends alike. If you’re looking for new decorating theme for your boy’s room, you want to be creative and find something he will truly love. Hopefully, a theme he will want to keep for at least a few years!

And most boys have at least a few interests that can make great starting points for choosing a bedroom theme.

For some boys, its action figures; others may be into sports, animated movies, video games, trucks, cars, cowboys, pirates or dinosaurs!

Read on to discover how you can create a fantastic theme for your boy’s room without spending a fortune.

Door Sign Inspiration

Its more important then you may think when it comes to your kids door décor as its a way of them claiming their room as their own space and discovering their individuality. Its also very important for them to warn their sibling to stay out with menacing signs!

The best thing about these ideas are they don’t require any special skills or tools like garden décor would so even if you’re not handy around the house there’s no excuse why you cant get involved in helping to create one of these amazing themes for your child’s room.

Action Figures

Action figures are always a good theme for a boys bedroom. Whether he’s into Buzz Lightyear and Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story or the new Wall-E film (the last little robot on Earth) coming out in June, 2008, boys love action figures. And since posters and animation paraphernalia are affordable and readily available, this is a great theme that can be easily changed along with his interests and tastes.

Regardless which animation characters he loves, you can find plenty of art prints, action hero toys, stuffed animals, bed linens and more from his favorite animated films or TV shows. Stick with the simple things and you can avoid repainting walls or other major redecorating when he moves on to the next movie or show!

Sports Themes

Most boys are in to at least one sport or another; whether it’s the tried and true sports like football, hockey or baseball or more extreme sports like surfing, wakeboarding or skateboarding. Since sports uniforms and team colors are sure to be bright, you can do all kinds of fun things with a boys’ sports bedroom theme.

Put up some pennants, paint one of the bedroom walls with a sports scene mural or maybe paint his dresser and headboard to match the color scheme and sport. And you can use lampshades, area rugs, your son’s own sports trophies, autographed jerseys; the list of possible bedroom accessories is nearly endless with a sports theme!

Video Games

As with animated films and action figures, if your son loves Halo 3, Wii or other video games, you can do a video game bedroom theme very affordably. Posters are the easiest way to get started. If you aren’t opposed to letting him have a TV, then creating a small entertainment system, with a flat screen television and inexpensive home theatre speaker system, bean bag chairs or a video game interactive chair will make him the envy of the neighbourhood!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and trucks, boats and motorcycles)

Fire engines, cars, anything with wheels makes for a good boys room decorating theme. Anything mechanical, with wheels, propellers, wings or rails make most boys quite happy. Lego sets, constructor sets, models; you name it. If it moves and makes cool sounds, then your boy probably loves it.

You can even find bed sets to do a car or airplane theme in your boy’s room. Bedding, pillows, comforters, wallpaper borders and much more is easily available to complete the theme.

Cowboy Bedroom

The Wild West intrigues some boys. He may like to wear a ten gallon hat, cowboy boots and a gun belt with six shooters. Paint a western mural scene on one wall, find some beat up country style glamorous bedroom furniture and you’ll have his bedroom looking like a scene from the set of his favorite Western movie in no time.

Pirates and Knights

Ships and knight themes are another great potential theme for your son’s bedroom. Get him a large treasure chest or hang up some cargo nets and other props he can use to pretend he’s a pirate. For a castle or knight’s theme, you might do a mural on the wall or build a miniature guard tower and gate out of plywood. This is a theme that will really give him room to use his imagination while playing in his room alone or with friends and siblings!

Dinosaur Room Theme

If he’s into T. Rex (the dinosaur, not the band) then this might make the perfect bedroom theme! Dinosaur models, skeletal displays and fossils are a great way to get started. As well as a boys room sign a piece of wall art or a mural can make a great visual impact with this theme. There are wallpaper borders fabric for curtains and pillows pre-printed sheets pillow cases and comforters and many other dinosaur themed accessories available.

Wildlife, Dogs, Big Cats and Other Animals Most boys also like some kind of animals, whether its big cats like tigers and lions, or perhaps dogs. And it’s easy to give his bedroom an animal theme with posters, toys and figurines.

Colors, Texture and Patterns

Once you pick a good theme like the beach, you can use color and texture to make your boys bedroom decor come to life! Painting is always a good starting point for your theme. It’s easy enough to repaint those lime green or New York Giants blue walls later. Adding texture is another key element, so a mural or a faux painting technique may be the ticket, along with picking up wall colors in the patterns you select for curtains, area rugs, bedding, etc.

Make his room a place to pretend play and let his imagination run wild; he’ll enjoy spending more time in his bedroom if the theme matches his interests. And as those thing change, you can continue to update the theme in order to keep things fun until its time to change themes completely and start all over again. But, the more closely you can match his room to his tastes; hopefully the longer it will be before you have to!

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