Best Curtain Rod: Decorative Décor

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You’ll want the very best curtain rod if its the final touch that’s needed in your house.

Any drapery or sheer, now matter how elegant or plain, will always benefit from a superior way of displaying them‚ such as a wide rod pocket pole rod with decorative end pieces on them.

There are some amazing decorator rods on the market today that will enhance the décor of any room, and any‚ home from the historical to the brass and glass‚ decorating theme.

Displayed beneath‚ are a few of the rods that you can find in upscale department stores or from some lovely speciality stores on the internet.

Even the bedroom or bathroom will have an elegant and stylish look, and‚ can benefit from drapery rods such as the ones you will see here.

They are available at a curtain rod supply store, or may be ordered from online malls or drapery stores on the internet.

This one is a wooden piece, which is about 3 in diameter. As such it would absolutely need‚ a curtain with a wide pocket to be useful to you.

Made of hardwood it is very decorative, stylish and is also‚ very strong, to be able to hold heavy weight fabrics such as velvets or damask.

Fairly close to those‚ pole rods which were seen to hang wall hangings in ancient Rome, these are museum quality replicas which are also well able to hold heavy weight fabrics, or to display lightweight ones with panache.

Selecting rods such as these will be a bit more costly, however in the long run, having to replace them far fewer times over the life of your home will save money overall.

Named for Mount Vesuvius this rod too is reminiscent of a rod used to hang draperies or wall hangings in some ancient time.

IT would look very graceful and fit well with a heavier curtain, or with the mosquito netting type curtains popular in bedrooms or baths.

The rod itself is metal, and is easily made to last a lifetime.

When you choose new draperies or window treatments for your home, don’t forget to choose a rod that will display them to their best advantage.

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