Types of Garden Tools: Gardeners Kit 101

Gardening is a super hobby and all you need is a few different types of garden tools. This hobby can save you a lot on vegetable and herb purchases, and make your home landscape lovely, but like any other hobby or job, it can’t really be accomplished well without the right tools.

The proper tool kit is also going to make your gardening, whether indoor or outdoor, a great deal easier and a lot more fun.

Your inside gardening tools should be assembled in some sort of caddy or basket so they are easily accessible, and able to be carried with you when you are working, or taken outdoors when you need smaller tools.

The two places, indoor and outdoor, are going to need different tools, of course to help you accomplish the differing tasks that will crop up, but here are a few ideas for things you might need to tackle your gardening chores and transform your outdoor space into a modern garden.

Some of the tools you’re going to need indoors, which will also serve well outside:

• Some good garden gloves • Small trowel • A good metal cake spatula( I use them for helping me to get plants out of the containers they come in) • small hand pruners • A metal cup,(for scooping soil) • Small sharp scissors, to clip back the browning part of the plants • A small spray bottle, for misting plants inside, or applying dish liquid when you have insect or mite problems.

• A long nosed watering can

For your outdoor gardening, you will want to add:

• a garden rake, • a hoe • a leaf rake • a lightweight shovel

• a small hammer (for driving in stakes or plant identifiers for the garden)

Taking the time and foresight to assemble the necessary tools will speed the job along far more quickly than if you use tools that aren’t right for the job.

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