Slug Traps: Beer Bottle Traps

Slug traps are not only a smart idea but a necessary one if you are a veggie grower. If you’ve got either veggies or flowers you can bet your life that in addition to bugs, you’ve had visits from snails and slugs late at night, partying on your vegetation. When they arrive, make sure that you have a drink to offer them.

Just about half  a bottle of beer will be plenty if you bury the bottle with the  beer upright in your garden. Snails and slugs will find it if you leave the open neck sticking out of the ground about one inch.

The snails and slugs will fall in and can’t get out. For larger snails  or snails who have shells, pour  beer into a shallow dish such as a metal pie pan.

And voila! Your home made slug/snail trap is complete and in action.

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