Low Maintenance Countertops: Where To Start

Its all fair and well having beautiful designs and materials on our kitchen countertops but at the end of the day we tend to forget that low maintenance countertops are by far superior.

 When we redesign our kitchens many of us don’t think about the countertops, other than to be sure that the material and looks are what we want. This is actually a mistake for those who seriously use their kitchens in a big way, and every aspect of the counter should be looked at and designed with a view to what it will be used for and where it will be best placed.

First Things First

Your countertops should ideally fit into the overall feel of the current kitchen unless you are completely redesigning.

Lightweight cabinets such as those in a prefab home, that are holding granite countertops aren’t going to be the best idea and probably aren’t going to be practical. Changing the cabinets will be in order as well.

Make a realistic budget and stick to it. It is absolutely vital to know what you want to spend, what you have to spend and to plan accordingly. Make sure that what you want, is realistic in comparison to what you can pay for it.

Always plan for the function of your kitchen and countertops. your own style in cooking and anything special that you may need will dictate to a great extent what you do on your countertops, from eating breakfast, to entertaining very frequently to a home based pastry shop.

Working for a good relationship between the counters, sinks and fridge is one of the most important factors. If you are moving your counters to another area, keep in mind how you will work to save steps.

Make sure that every task area has enough countertop space, such as near the sink, around the fridge and next to your range, where a great deal of cooking and moving things takes place. Having a microwave sitting on the counter just next to the fridge, where you will need the counter space perhaps for mixing or for unloading groceries isn’t really common sense.

Perfect Your Style

The style of your kitchen will also dictate to a certain degree what kind of counters that you want, or that will look well in your kitchen.

Practicality should also be a huge consideration. Durable, easy to clean and easy to use countertops, as well as other things such as flooring are an absolute necessity in the kitchen.

last but most assuredly not least, your countertop lighting should be well planned out so that under cabinet fixtures, track lighting that will focus on the areas where you need it most at the time you most need it area available.

When planning for a new countertop in your kitchen, make sure that what you get, is functional, and most important of all, something that you will be able to live and work with efficiently and safely.

If you would like to learn more about the different types of countertops available to you then I suggest you click right here to watch a YouTube video guide on how to pick the right countertop for you. 

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