How to Organize a Small Pantry Like a True Chef

How to Organize a Small Pantry Like a True Chef

Organizing your pantry is easy enough. Follow these steps and tips to make your pantry neater and more efficient. Every home needs a well organized pantry. Even if you don’t have the luxury of a walk in pantry, you should designate and organize a place for storing food and baking supplies.

Qualities of a Pantry

Investing a little time and money into your homes pantry is a no brainer. The kitchen will feel a lot less cluttered and cleaner with a kitchen pantry in place. An ideal pantry should be:

  • A dry area that can hold large amounts of food without spoiling or molding.
  • An airy room with a low amount of light so it doesn’t get too hot during summer months.
  • It must be easily accessible from all areas of the house.

Pantry Organization Ideas

Pantries have been around for centuries, and for good reason, naturally there are already some ways to best organize and utilize the storage space within a pantry.

  • Store items on shelves rather than hanging them up. This will help keep things neat and tidy.
  • Keep like-items together. For example, store flour next to sugar because they are used frequently together.
  • Use clear containers when possible. You’ll find this helps you see everything at once.
  • Label each container clearly. If there’s no label, write down the contents inside.
  • Make sure you rotate foods regularly. Don’t let any one item sit around for long periods of time. Rotating allows you to use different types of products while keeping freshness levels high.
  • Clean out old cans and jars before using new ones. Old canned goods may contain harmful chemicals which could leach into other ingredients stored nearby. Also, empty glass bottles take up valuable shelf space.
  • Be careful not to overfill cupboards and drawers.

Pantry Storage Ideas

Pantry shelves – These come in many shapes and sizes. They’re great for holding smaller items such as spices, condiments, pasta sauce, etc. The most common type of pantry shelving is built right onto the wall. It comes in various heights depending on where you want to put it. Some people prefer having their pantry shelves higher off the ground, but others feel better about putting them lower.

Cabinets – Cabinetry is another option for organizing your pantry. There are several styles available including open cabinets, closed cabinets, pullout trays, and even pullout baskets. Open cabinets allow you to see everything at once, whereas closed cabinets hide away unused items. Pullout trays work very similarly to cabinet doors except instead of pulling out individual compartments, you simply slide the tray across the top of the cabinet door. Baskets are also an excellent way to organize your pantry. They provide extra storage capacity by allowing you to stack multiple layers of items.

Drawer Organizers – Drawer organizers are perfect for those who need additional drawer space. They fit perfectly under kitchen countertops and are designed specifically to maximize the usable space within your drawers.

Storage containers – Use plastic bins, boxes, and bags to create custom storage solutions. Make labels to identify specific uses for each bin.

pantry bins – Pantry bins can hold large amounts of dry or wet materials. They usually feature lids that lock shut to prevent spills.

Bulk Food Containers – Bulk food containers make storing larger quantities of food easier. They often include dividers to separate similar items.

Lazy susans – Lazy susans are ideal for storing bulkier items. They typically consist of two sections with a central pivot point between them. One section holds heavier items and the other has lighter items. When rotating the lazy Susan, both sides spin simultaneously so all items remain visible.

Pull-out drawers – A pull-out drawer provides more room than standard drawers. This makes it useful for storing pantry staples items like flour, sugar, rice, grains, hell you could even store granola bars there.


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