Garage Door Tune Up: Best Repair 101

Wintertime is a busy time for your garage. With the weather turning south on us frequently your car will more often be parked inside than it has been in summer and fall seasons, and the door on any given day may open five to ten times.

Especially at this time of the year, when salt and water and the constant opening and closing may take its toll, its important to see to it that your garage door isn’t going to fail you when you need it to work.

Your garage door is very often neglected when you perform outside maintenance yet it is a vital and expensive part of the home.

A few simple maintenance steps will see your garage door lasting longer and working better.

You will  need:

Scrub brush vinyl cleaner lubricant 10 30 motor oil rag level

wrench to fit your lag bolts

Using the rage and some mild soap, clean the outside of the door, and paint any exposed wood.

Clean around the bottom of the door and weather stripping, around the frame and bottom edges of the door. Using the vinyl cleaner lubricate the weather stripping, and do it about once a month thereafter to keep it supple.

Take your level and check the alignment of the tracks.
‘If they are straight, wonderful but if they aren’t loosen the lags and adjust it until its straight up and down and then retighten them.

Take a careful look at the rollers, replacing any that are worn out or might be broken.
They can be taken out fairly easily by loosening just a couple bolts

When all the aspects of the door are tightened and straightened, using the motor oil, apply that to the rag and wipe the tracks with it, careful to get oil in all aspects of the track, and then oil the springs as well. Wipe out any excess oil and then run the door up and down once or twice.

Make these small things a routine part of your outdoor maintenance plan and you will have a much longer life for your garage door.

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