Garage Door Rust Fast: 4 Steps to Cure For Good

Garage door rust can be a really ugly problem (literally). Thankfully, there are ways to fix this without buying a new one.

What is Garage Door Rust and What Causes it?

garage door rust

Rust is a chemical reaction that occurs when iron in steel reacts with oxygen. The result of this reaction is corrosion which can be seen as black or brown stains on metal surfaces.

The main causes of rust are water and moisture. When there is too much rain fall and humidity, then there is more chance of having rust problems. Another reason why we get rust is because our homes have aging roofs made out of galvanized sheet metal. If you live near a body of water, like lake, river or ocean, they become rusty over time. It is important to make sure that all openings around your house are sealed so that water doesn’t enter into your home. Also, if you notice any holes in your roof, don’t hesitate to fix them before they turn into big leaks.

How do I Prevent Rust?

To avoid rust, first thing you need to know is that prevention is better than cure. So always try to keep your home dry by sealing up cracks and crevices. You should also check your roof regularly to see if there are signs of leakage. And lastly, use stainless steel screws instead of wood ones. Wood has natural oils inside it that attract moisture and lead to rust.

What Should I Do When I have Garage Door Rust?

First off, stop using your garage immediately! That way, you won’t spread the rust further. Once you’ve stopped using the garage, clean everything thoroughly. Use soap and warm water to wash down the entire surface area. Then scrub away at the stain until it comes completely off. After cleaning, let the whole place air-dry. Don’t forget about the hinges either ; these parts must be cleaned as well. Finally, apply some good quality sealant to protect against future rusting. Here’s the step by step guide to DIY remove your garage door rust:

1. Eliminate the Rust
Using a cloth soaked in white vinegar, clean all rusty areas. White vinegar reacts with rust, and thus dissolves the rust. White vinegar is surprisingly useful, it has more uses than just cooking. Definitely worth keeping a bottle or two of white vinegar around the house. Scrub away the rust using a steel wool pad. Don’t forget to remove any rust spots that remains after cleaning. Rust can spread if you don’t get rid of it completely. Sanding and repainting won’t be enough to prevent this.

garage door rust


2. Fill in any holes

Locate any holes in the door and get them filled in, it would be best to use auto-filler or another adhesive for metal, such as epoxy glue. After it has dried go about smoothing it out, your best bet would to be to use sand paper, sand the whole door, then wipe off any remaining dust.

garage door rust

3. Wash your Garage Door
It’s important to clean the door well and proper before painting, as paint will not stick to dirt or grease spots. You also don’t want paint over any chunks of dirt or debris, as this will create bumps on the surface. For less labor intensive results on a steel garage door, wash the door using a pressure washer. Warm water and dish soap will also get the job done but it’s more manual. For even better results use a solution of warm water mixed with trisodium phosphate (or muriatic acid). If you do decide to use this, make sure to check and follow the label for the correct ratios.

4. Paint your Garage Door
Start by priming and then paint your garage door. It is important to use primer and paint that is rust-resistant for metal garage doors. Remember checking if there is any specific painting products recommended by the manufacturer of your garage door – it is worth doing.

                                                              garage door rust

How Much Will it Cost You?

Pretty much all of what you need can be bought at Walmart. It won’t cost you too much to DIY remove the rust from your steel garage door, but it may cost your time. Just click on the links

  1. White vinegar $2.64 per bottle
  2. Steel wool pads $6.99
  3. Auto filler $30.95
  4. Sand paper sheets $4.44

When it comes to painting a garage door can vary greatly in price depending upon the size of the door, the type of paint being used, and the skill level of the painter. Generally, the price ranges from $100 to $700 per square foot. The cost per square feet is usually between $1 and $4. Larger doors will require more paint and thus be more expensive. As well, painting a door yourself is less expensive than hiring someone else to paint it.


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