DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

If you are creative, and enjoy a challenge, making your own rustic wedding invitations isn’t at all difficult, and it can be a great deal of fun.

You will also know that you get exactly what you want, using your own photos or designs, and specific style paper, in literally hundreds of colors, styles and varieties that are available from LCI Paper.

Unique and unusual papers are available now for your use in the invitation process, such as this Sukashi paper from LCI, that is white on white floral pattern Sukashi vellum wrapped around white invitation card that is a radiant glowing pattern.
The printed text is able to be seen through the vellum pattern, making the overall style very elegant and formal.

This paper would be perfect for a wedding or any other formal event. When printed, the text can be seen faintly through the vellum pattern. This makes a perfect invitation for a wedding or other formal event.
For a less formal aspect of the wedding, you might want to consider some decorative papers such as printer paper weight to do some of those in the same font and decor as well, so that your tone and style match those of the wedding.

You will also want to purchase some deep brown or burgundy ribbon, or whatever color matches your invitations or wedding colors so that you can tie up the papers in style prior to putting them into the envelopes.

There are some great software’s that will assist you if you find yourself without ideas or the skills to make the design, that will help you to create the perfect wedding invitation and add it to your paper product.

The selection of font, paper and design are something that you will want to explore with, and experiment, and as such, you should put several sheets of regular paper into your printer and experiment on them, printing them to check for alignment of the image and design, as well as that you are printing the double sides correctly prior to beginning the printing of the actual project.

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