Digz garden gloves: Types of Gardening Gloves

If you’re into gardening as much as I am, you’re going to relate to the glove removal every time you most need them ethic.

I have literally searched for years for gloves that will stay put, not bag, pull down, and feel totally like they don’t belong, to the point that I take them off, sit them down in the garden and promptly forget all about them, till I need them and find that the cat from next door has dragged them away.

The answer to the need for a decent pair of tough as nails gloves that fit.. well.. like a glove .. came to me from a friend who turned me on to Foxgloves gardening gloves.

I was the quintessential sceptic as soon as I hit their site. To be honest they look a great deal like opera gloves and they come in some incredible colors. Foxgloves made a believer out of me. Designed by a professional landscape artist and horticulturist who wanted some gloves that actually kept her hands dry and were durable but not bulky.

Apparently as the story goes, she tried dress gloves which seemed to work but wore out too quickly and she began to experiment with supple nylon and spandex.

She began a home based business in New York and perfected her gloves. They are soft, durable and resistant to abrading. While thorns can and do come through, they don’t rip or tear the gloves themselves.

They seem to protect your hands better than most, and in fact are not waterproof, but seem to wick the moisture away from the skin so that my hands don’t get as sweaty as they do wearing normal gardening gloves.

Foxgloves are:

Fabric gardening gloves that come to just past your wrist

Available in colors ranging from Spring, Crow, Fuchsia, Delphinium, Tulip, Periwinkle, Moss, Iris and Compost. Come in 3 sizes small, a medium (woman’s) size and a large (mans) size. Are hand or machine washable and you can either machine or line dry them.

If you’re a gardener, I highly recommend visiting Foxgloves Inc website to get your own pair.

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