Carpet Dye Spray: Best DIY 101

Carpet dye spray is much more relevant then you may first think. If you have a room which may lead out to your deck and/or swimming pool, you know the damage that can take place from people leaving a path through it with chlorine residue on their feet.

The carpet will begin, over time to show evidence of major fading due to the chlorine’s work on your carpet, and a perfect path begins to show in a short time. I wasn’t ready to replace the carpeting and was looking for alternatives other than the unsightly plastic runner that is often used.

Out of frustration I took my carpet cleaner and filled it with a deeper shade than the rug, a dark wine, and using very hot water in the shampooer, I ran it over the carpet, going over a 3×3 foot area two times before moving on to the next section

The carpeting began as a shade of mauve, and ended up deep wine. It was such a success that rather than replacing the carpeting in our laundry room, I decided to try it with the same technique, rather than just replacing it because I didn’t like the color.

Again, the carpet took the dye very nicely and the color change was magnificent. It is a quick fix for a bad spot in your rug, or can be an overall change when you aren’t ready to replace the rug yet, but want something different to match a new room shade in paint or furniture.

A few tips. for those of you who want to try this.

This is a messy process, although the end results are well worth it. make sure you take steps to prevent the dye from moving into areas where you don’t want it.

If you have a carpet or tile in the room adjacent to this one. Use drop cloths to prevent the dye from being transported into that room while your carpet is drying

work in sections, and work the dye in with the brushes on your shampooer so that the color comes out evenly

use very hot water in your shampooer

Leave the dye in for about two days and then rinse over it with cool water

Before you use your shampooer on another room carpeting, run one full tank of soapy water through it, and then two full tanks of plain water, as the dye will remain in the hoses of your shampooer and color other areas you may not want colored.

To get close to the walls, sponge the dye on, so that you do not have areas near the wallboard that aren’t covered

Once your path has been covered in the carpeting, take some steps to prevent damage to it again by purchasing a runner rug for the high traffic spots.

I went to Home Depot, which features some truly beautiful runners with latex backing, that are about three feet wide, bound on both sides and have incredible patterns selling for between 2 and 4 dollars per running foot.

They add not only protection but are small decorative additions to your room.

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